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USD 8.95
Part #: XDDPP116

XDP Diesel Power Plus Fuel Additive XDDPP116

For All Diesel Engines, 16 Oz. Bottle (Treats 500 Gallons)
Part #: XDDPP116
★★★★★ ★★★★★ 47 Reviews
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XDP knows diesel and has wanted to offer a fuel additive for some time. Finally, after a lengthy R&D process, we are proud to present our specially formulated concentrate for the best year round use in your diesel truck. Running XDP Diesel Power Plus in our own trucks through development gives you the confidence in knowing it's now ready for the masses and is the only diesel fuel additive for your investment.

Diesel fuels have changed but the problems associated with diesel fuel equipment have not. XDP Diesel Power Plus is a special formula which is compatible with all grades of diesel fuel and designed for year round use.  XDP Diesel Power Plus contains cetane and lubricity additives to protect and enhance your engine's performance.

Totally Disperses Water
Cleans Fuel Injection System
Controls Icing & Freeze-up
Prevents formation of Algae & Bacteria
BioDiesel & ULSD Compatible
Lubricates Fuel System
Improves Fuel Economy
Decarbonizes Nozzles & Combustion Chamber
Reduces Exhaust Smoke
5% Cetane Increase
Tier 4 Engine Compliant DPF Approved 

The diesel fuel we buy is always changing in both chemical content and quality. One constant is the propensity for diesel fuel to pick up water.  Water in diesel fuel remains the number one fuel problem year round. Now that low sulfur and ultra low sulfur fuels account for the vast majority of diesel fuels used today, water is now a bigger problem than ever before.  Water damages injectors, scores pintles, creates gum and varnish, interferes with fuel combustion and harbors microbes and fungi. Diesel Power Plus contains the most effective combination of ingredients to absorb water from fuel. The unique solution prevents damage, wear and premature fuel pump failure. Diesel Power Plus also helps improve combustion and mileage, stabilizes fuel, and prevents sludge. All of these benefits in a unique formulation which contains no harmful alcohols to attack your gaskets and seals. Our concentrated formula treats 500 gallons with only ounces.

The PLUS is a 5% Cetane Increase
What is Cetane?
Generally, diesel engines run well with a Cetane Number (CN) from 40 to 55. Fuels with a higher cetane number which have shorter ignition delays provide more time for the fuel combustion process to be completed. Hence, higher speed diesels operate more effectively with higher cetane number fuels. The national CN average is 45.

XDP Diesel Power Plus vs. Stanadyne® Comparison


 Stanadyne Junior Formula®

 XDP Diesel Power Plus

1 oz. Treats

 7.5 Gallons
 32 Gallons

Alcohol Free

Avoids harmful corrosion and accelerated wear caused by alcohol use


Deposit Modifier

Softens hard deposits allowing for their removal



Cleans existing soft deposits and prevents additional deposit build-up



Coats internal parts of fuel system to allow better fuel flow and less friction


Corrosion Inhibitor

Protects fuel injection parts from rust and corrosion


Water Dispersant

Prevents excessive carry-over from underground tanks. Keeps fuel water free.


Fuel Stabilizer

Stabilizes fuel to prevent its breakdown leading to deposit formation



Fights formation of corrosion and rust, maintains potency of fuel


Cetane Improver

Improves power, reduces emissions, faster start-ups, smoother idling and acceleration



  • MFG. Number XDDPP116
  • Manufacturer Name XDP
  • Shipping Weight 1.00 lb.
  • Shipping Length 11 in.
  • Shipping Width 8 in.
  • Shipping Height 4 in.
  • Fuel Type Diesel
  • UPC 865978000007
  • Prop 65 WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -


★★★★★ ★★★★★
4.9/5 Stars out of 47 Reviews
Everything I need in one bottle
(S.E. Ohio) | April 26th, 2018
I had tried other additives and was never thrilled with them. In fact, some of them made my truck smoke even more while idling. And, according to my last fuel filter, I have a little issue with algae. I tried XDP Diesel power plus because it prevents the formation of algae, and I'm very glad I did. I have an 06 5.9 Cummins and its starting faster, idling smoother than ever now and does not smoke at all while idling. The truck idles around the farm to much to get a real accurate MPG, but the overhead is showing an increase of 1-1.5 MPG. I know this sounds stupid, but one of the best things about XDP Diesel Power Plus is the bottle itself. It has the little dosage compartment built into it and you can actually pour it into you're fuel tank without needing a funnel or making a mess. Very convenient! This additive actually made a bigger difference in my loader-tractor. Pulling 12,000 pounds of hay, there was one hill it struggled to pull in 10th gear. Now with 12,000 pounds of hay it easily pulls it in 11th. Definitely getting more hours per tank also. Plan on putting XDP Diesel Power Plus in everything on the farm. Order Number 825476
(Chicago North Suburbs) | March 22nd, 2010
Have seen a 1 MPG increase around town over the last 3 months. Have not done any highway driving but i am excited to see the increase there as well. I usually only buy Conoco/Phillips/BP fuel so not to use MidEast/Venezuelan oil. So can not say much for the fuel quality increase in that i always by good quality.
Good Stuff-04 Ram
(Knoxville, TN) | March 30th, 2010
I pull a 15,000 lb 30 foot trailer 600 mi a night, 6 nights a week and have tried many additives- Howes, which my truck hated (when I stopped it I realized she ran better, smoother and the exhaust smelled better without), Lucas which keeps her running smooth, but didn't give me a performance or mileage boost, Sea-Foam which did make a noticeable difference, but is too expensive for regular use, Stanadyne,PPE, and several others, none of which impressed me...until now. I had my doubts, but about halfway through the first bottle, I began to notice that she was not only idling smoother, but gradually starting to pull stronger,run quieter and down shift less on those TN and KY grades. By the end of that bottle(which I burned through in 8 days),there was a noticeable mileage increase too, 3/10ths to 3/4 of a mpg.That may not sound like much, but remember I run 75 mph through the hills and mountains of KY and TN pulling between 9 and 15,000 lbs. I am now well into the second bottle, my truck is running better than ever, and the MPG seems to still be creeping up. Bravo XDP! I AM impressed, and am ordering 12 more bottles.
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Questions and Answers

Do you use this product on every tank full or every other? What is the ratio?
View Staff Answer 

The XDP Diesel Power Plus Fuel Additive was designed as a year round formula that‘s recommended to be run in every tank of fuel.

Our 16 ounce bottle treats over 500 Gallons of fuel (1 ounce treats 32 Gallons)

What is the shelf life of unopened bottle?
View Staff Answer 

Stored properly, an unopened bottle of our XDP Diesel Power Plus Fuel Additive will last a minimum of two years. If it has sat for a long time, shake it up before using it.

Will this additive work with my diesel?
View Staff Answer 

Absolutely! XDP's Diesel Power Plus Fuel Additive was formulated and safe for use with ALL diesel engines.

What is the shelf life of an open bottle?
View Staff Answer 

An opened bottle of XDP's Diesel Power Plus Fuel Additive that has been opened should be used within year. If sitting for a long period of time, make sure to shake it up before using it.

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