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Element 40050 E50 Portable Fire Extinguisher 80227 1.00 Element 40050 E50 Portable Fire Extinguisher
5.00 5 5
$ 79.95
The Element 40050 E50 Portable Fire Extinguisher is a game changer in fighting all major classes of small to medium size fires (Class A, B, C and K). This fire extinguisher is was developed for the space program and battles fire by interrupting the chain of combustion on the molecular level without removing oxygen or making a mess. Lasting 5x longer than a traditional fire extinguisher and about 80% means it takes up less room while being more efficient than typical extinguishers.Non-Toxic Extinguisher:While the discharged should not be aimed at anyone’s face, the discharge from this extinguisher safe to breathe and both non-corrosive, and non-toxic for animals and children.Less Discharge Residue:There can trace amount of soot from the casing, but it will not leave any residue and even in the most extreme cases would be so much less than a tradition extinguisher that it would be comparatively nonexistentLong Service Life:There are no moving parts or gas under pressure with this extinguisher and the Element’s solid construction means there is no service or maintenance needed to keep it in working order as it is unaffected by extreme heat or humidity provided the yellow cap is never to keep the tip dry. The solid chemical that the extinguisher is comprised of has no effective expiration and has been tested to work in temperatures ranging from -140F to +320F.Features:Non-ToxicLightweightNever ExpiresCompact DesignMaintenance FreeNote: The Element Fire Extinguisher cannot be used to substitute extinguishers in regulated environments that require a UL (or UL endorsed) certification. Element can however be freely used as an supplement to the extinguishers used where regulation exists.
Element 60400 Carbon Fiber Mount 80230 1.00 Element 60400 Carbon Fiber Mount
$ 179
The Element 60400 Carbon Fiber Mount is a stylish way to keep your Element 40050 E50 Portable Fire Extinguisher close by. This mount is made from autoclaved baked pre-preg carbon fiber, urethane finished and then hand polished to a brilliant shine and includes counter sunk mounting holes under your E50 Fire Extinguisher.Features:Carbon Fiber ConstructionHigh-Gloss Urethane FinishCounter Sunk Mounting HolesNote: Element 40050 E50 Portable Fire Extinguisher Not Included.
Element 60500 Magnetic Mount 80231 0.50 Element 60500 Magnetic Mount
$ 15
The Element 60500 Magnetic Mount is convenient way to mount your 40050 E50 Portable Fire Extinguisher on any magnetic surface. This mount features a silver-plated finish and strong magnet to attach this mount to a tool box, hoist, fridge, appliances or any magnetic surface. Features:Silver Plated FinishHigh-Strength MagnetEasily Mounts On Any Magnetic SurfaceNote: Element 40050 E50 Portable Fire Extinguisher Not Included.
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