XDP Racing Team

XDP Rat Rod - Frank Mohr
Driver Profile: Frank Mohr built this one of a kind, twin turbo, diesel powered rat rod, known as “Old Smokey”. At only 18 years old, Frank used this build as his 2011-2012 high school senior project, taking him about 8 months to build at his family’s farm in Kutztown, Pa.  Frank continues to add new performance and details to Old Smokey.

Past XDP Race Team Drivers

Dave Radzierez

Billy Deblasio
Seasons: 2011, 2010
Series: NHRDA & Others
Class: Exhibition
Vehicle:  2010 Dodge Cummins 1200+ HP Twin Turbo
Driver: Dave Radzierez

Seasons: 2012, 2011, 2010
Series: NADM & Full Pull Productions
Class: Super Street Diesel
Vehicle: Dodge Cummins 1300+ HP
Driver: Billy Deblasio

Corey Weller
Jason Ellis

Kent Brascho
Seasons: 2009
Series: Lucas Oil Off Road Series
Class: SuperLite
Vehicle Specs: Mid-size 2WD, two seat, 200 HP, Spec class
Driver: Jason Ellis & Corey Weller

Seasons: 2009
Series: Lucas Oil Off Road Series
Class: Unlimited 4
Vehicle Specs: Full-size 4WD, 850+ HP
Driver: Kent Brascho

Anthony Reams
Ashley McCalmont
Ashley McCalmont
Seasons: 2009
Series: NADM & Other Sled Pull Events
Class: Super Street Diesel
Vehicle Specs: Dodge Cummins 1100+ HP
Driver: Anthony Reams

Seasons: 2009
Series: Grand-Am Road Racing
Class: KONI Sports Car Challenge
Vehicle Specs: Chevrolet Cobalt SS
Driver: Ashley McCalmont