XDP Sponsors Off Road Race Truck
    XDP is proud to announce that we are sponsoring an Off Road Race Truck in the LUCAS OIL Racing Series. The XDP truck is in the BullyDog sponsored Superlite division and is driven by Xtreme sports star Jason Ellis. We feel this is a winning combination. The series of races this season are from April and end with the championship race in Primm, Nevada in November. These races are truly exciting and XDP is looking forward to competing in this world-class event. Many of you know the Lucas Oil and Bullydog names and all that they represent in power and performance. Jason Ellis is an X-Games champion skateboarder, MMA fighter, Serius/XM radio host, actor and all around thrill seeker. We are excited to sponsor his truck because of his competitive, tenacious and fearless nature and we know he will be thrilling to watch. Stay tuned for more info about the Superlite Championship Series as the season progresses. 
XDP Driver - Jason Ellis
TV Schedule
We are proud to announce the air dates and times for the official SuperLite Championship show that will air on the Outdoor Channel. At this time the added 13th round of the championship has not recieved final approval within the TV schedule, we expect that in the coming days.

            Race                                 Air date                           Times

Round 1 & 2 Primm, NV  (4/4/09)                                  9/07/09                         4:30pm/7:30pm/1:30am
Round 3 & 4 Surprize, AZ  (5/2/09)                               9/21/09                         4:00pm/7:00pm/2:00am
Round 5 & 6 Lake Elsinore, CA  (6/27/09)                 10/05/09                        4:30pm/7:30pm/2:30am
Round 7 & 8 Lake Elsinore, CA  (7/25/09)                  10/26/09                        4:30pm/7:30pm/2:30am
Round 9 & 10 Surprize, AZ  (10/17/09)                       11/16/09                        4:30pm/7:30pm/2:30am
Round 11 & 12 Primm, NV  (11/14/09)                       12/07/09                        4:30pm/7:30pm/2:30am
  Corry Weller with the XDP Truck
Corry Weller with the XDP Truck