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     BD Diesel Performance is unique among its peers in that it designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of products specifically engineered for performance diesel applications. Owing to its heritage as a diesel fuel systems specialist, BD is still a factory-certified Bosch, Stanadyne, Delphi and Zexel calibration and repair lab. Their name became more widely recognized, though, when they introduced the first exhaust brake for the diesel pick-up truck. BD currently designs, assembles and tests engine and remote mount brake systems, as well as offering fuel management systems. BD created its own department for circuit board design/assembly, programming and wire harness assembly. As we know, power from the engine must go to the ground for it to mean anything to the diesel owner. Realizing this, BD specializes in Ford, Dodge and GM/Allison truck transmissions, application-specific valve bodies and accumulator bodies. BD also offers the toughest torque converters in the industry, with custom-designed stators, furnace-brazed fins, double and triple clutches and stamp-forged covers (stronger than billet steel!) for high-horsepower/torque applications. BD Diesel Performance is an engineering test facility for industry leaders Borg Warner/Schwitzer and Garrett. As a result, BD leads the industry with its Dodge Cummins and GM Duramax turbo systems.

As the largest BD distributor in the United States, XDP has extensive BD product knowledge and inventory on hand.

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BD-Power TP38 Turbo Thruster II 1047500
1994-1998.5 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke
BD-Power 1.0 A/R Turbine Housing 1047005
1999.5-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke
BD-Power 1023121 Remote Mount Exhaust Brake
Cummins 5.9L Motorhome w/ 3" Exhaust (12-Valve)
BD-Power 1027113 Remote Mount Exhaust Brake
GM 6.5L Motorhome w/ 4" Exhaust
BD-Power 1027126 Remote Mount Exhaust Brake
Cummins 5.9L Motorhome w/ 3.5" Exhaust (12-Valve)
BD-Power 1027340 Remote Mount Exhaust Brake
2007.5-2012 Dodge 6.7L Cummins (w/ Aftermarket Turbo)
BD-Power 1027341 Remote Mount Exhaust Brake
2007.5-2009 Dodge 6.7L Cummins (Aftermarket Turbo) (Uses Factory Exhaust Brake Switch)
BD-Power 1030030 Exhaust Brake EGR Operational Kit
1996-1998 Dodge 5.9L Cummins w/ EGR (California Emissions)
BD-Power 1030122B Air Compressor Kit
For Use With Remote Mount Exhaust Brakes
BD-Power 1030229 TorqForce Torque Converter
2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke (Street & Towing)
BD-Power 1030341 47RH/RE Geartrain
1994-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins
BD-Power 1030342 48RE Geartrain
2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins
BD-Power 1030368 68RFE Electronic PressureLoc
2007.5-2015 Dodge 6.7L Cummins with 68RFE Trans
BD-Power 1030369 68RFE Pressure Control Module
2007.5-2014 Dodge 6.7L Cummins 68RFE
BD-Power 103036X ProTect 68 68RFE Pressure Control Kit
2007.5-2014 Dodge 6.7L Cummins 68RFE
BD-Power 1030390 AutoLoc Torque Converter Lock-Up Controller
1994-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke w/ Exhaust Brake
BD-Power 1030431 Solenoid Pack
1990-1994 Ford E4OD
BD-Power 1030432 Solenoid Pack
1995-1997 Ford E4OD
BD-Power 1030434 Solenoid Pack
1999-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke
BD-Power 1030703 2WD Low UnLoc
1994-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins 4WD
BD-Power 1031300 AutoLoc Lockup Controller
2003-2007 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke
BD-Power 103136X TapShifter
2001-2005 GM 6.6L Duramax LB7/LLY
BD-Power 1031370 TapShifter
2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke
BD-Power 1032011-F Adjustable Track Bar
1994-2002 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4WD
BD-Power 1032013-F Adjustable Track Bar
2003-2012 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4WD
BD-Power 1032030 Control Arms
From $300.00 to $650.00
1994-1999 Dodge 2500/3500 4WD
BD-Power 1032031 Control Arms
From $285.00 to $650.00
2000-2009 Dodge 2500/3500 4WD
BD-Power 1032032 Control Arms
From $300.00 to $650.00
2010-2012 Dodge 2500/3500 4WD
BD-Power 1032050 Sway Bar End Links
2000-2009 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 4WD
BD-Power 1032110 Adjustable Track-Bar
2005-2013 Ford Super Duty 4WD | 2005-2013 F-450/550 2WD
BD-Power 1032121 Coolant Filter Kit
2003-2007 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke
BD-Power 1036600 High Idle Switch
2001-2004 GM 6.6L Duramax LB7
BD-Power 1036605 High Idle Switch
2004.5-2005 GM 6.6L Duramax LLY
BD-Power 1036606 High Idle Switch
2006-2007 GM 6.6L Duramax LBZ
BD-Power 1036609 High Idle Kit
2003-2004 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke (Automatic)
BD-Power 1036610 High Idle Switch
2005-2014 Ford 6.0L/6.4L/6.7L Powerstroke
BD-Power 1036620 High-Idle Kit
1998.5-2004 Dodge 5.9L Cummins*
BD-Power 1036621 High-Idle Kit
2005-2006 Dodge 5.9L Cummins
BD-Power 1036622 High-Idle Kit
2007-2014 Dodge 5.9L/6.7L Cummins
BD-Power 1036627 High Idle Kit
2007.5-2015 GM 6.6L Duramax LMM/LML
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