Airaid Intake Pre-Filter 799-469

List Price: $53.69
XDP Price: $35.90
You Save: $17.79 (33 %)

7.25" x 5" x 9"
Manufacturer: Airaid Intake Systems
Mfg. Number: 799-469
XDP Part Number: AA799-469

XDP $5 Pricebeat Guarantee

- AIRAID® PRE-FILTERS are designed to provide extreme protection through maximum filtration.

- AIRAID® PRE-FILTERS are manufactured from durable polyester material. This unique material contains uniform micron openings that will filter our debris .005 and larger.

- AIRAID® PRE-FILTERS are also designed to be water resistant for added protection.

- Dyno and flow-bench testing has shown that there is no significant loss in horsepower or airflow from the use of this product. To clean, simply wash with soap and water then let air dry.

Works with AirAid Intake P/N:

200-112, 200-119, 200-123, 200-126
200-129, 200-135, 200-183


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