Pacbrake C18037 Maintenance Lube


Universal - For use on Pacbrake Exhaust Brakes
Manufacturer: Pacbrake
Mfg. Number: C18037
XDP Part Number: PBC18037

XDP $5 Pricebeat Guarantee

Pacbrake exhaust brakes are relatively maintenance free when used at every opportunity. However, to get the maximum amount of trouble free service a few areas require periodic lubrication.

Lubrication is one key factor for trouble free service of your exhaust brake. The two reasons that give an exhaust brake problems are worn parts and seizing parts. Worn parts are caused by extreme use without the benefit of the proper lubrication. Seized parts can be attributed to seasonal use and lack of lubrication. Periodic lubrication will prevent these two issues. Applying Pacbrake’s synthetic lubricant to the moving parts at every oil change will eliminate both these problems.

With the engine off, apply a sufficient amount (4-5 drops) to the following locations:
  • Both cylinder pivot ends
  • Cylinder air line port
  • Main butterfly shaft 
  • Cylinder rod  
  • Base of the spring lever (PRXB only)

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