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ARP 147-2901 Flex Plate Bolt Kit 5912 1.00 ARP 147-2901 Flex Plate Bolt Kit
5.00 5 1
$ 44.99
Replace the factory Flex Plate bolts in your 1989-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins with the ARP 147-2901 Flex Plate Bolt Kit. Flexplate bolts play an important role in the performance and safety of race vehicles and street machines. That's why the fastener experts at ARP have developed special bolts that are far superior to OEM hardware. ARP Flexplate bolts feature an exclusive flat 12 point head design and a larger than stock underhead radius for increased strength. Each bolt is centerless ground to ensure the bearing surface is perpendicular to the threads creating equal load distribution. Optimum design, enhanced reliability and increased strength are the main attributes of ARP's Flexplate Bolts. Features: Superior To OEM HardwareExclusive Flate 12-Point Head Design Thread Size: M12 x 1.25Socket Size: 3/4 - 12-Point
ATS 3059002104 Billet Flex Plate 12905 16.00 ATS 3059002104 Billet Flex Plate
4.00 5 2
$ 427.5
The ATS 3059002104 Billet Flex Plate is a must-have upgrade for your 1989-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins. The ATS Billet Flexplates are an excellent alternative to stock and other manufacturers flexplates, solving the breakage issues so commonly found. They meet the SFI 29.1 Standard. A testament to their strength, durability and reliability. Features:Meets SFI Standards Strong, Durable and Reliable Solves Common Breakage IssuesFor Stock and Aftermarket ConvertersMachined From Solid Piece Of Billet SteelApplication Notes:Will not mate to a DTT Torque Converter.89-93 models must use a flat back style of torque converter such as the ATS 3029102116 Billet Torque Converter.
BD-Power 1041209 Diamond Bite Shim Kit 60627 1.00 BD-Power 1041209 Diamond Bite Shim Kit
$ 80
Help keep your flexplate in place with the BD-Power 1041209 Diamond Bite Shim Kit. Even when the bolts are correctly torqued your flexplate can slip, and the bolts can loosen. The BD-Power Diamond Bite Shims feature an embedded electroless nickel coating to create a micro-bite between the flexplate surfaces to increase friction and stop your flex plate from slipping. This allows your flex plate to handle higher torque loads. This is a recommended add-on for high output and heavy duty Cummins applications. Features:Diamond Embedded Electroless Nickel CoatingGreat For High-Output and Heavy-Duty Applications Friction Increase Helps Eliminate Flexplate SlippageAllows Flexplate To Handle Higher Loads and Bigger Horsepower Numbers
BD-Power 1041212 Hi5 12-Bolt Flex Plate 34769 11.50 BD-Power 1041212 Hi5 12-Bolt Flex Plate
$ 439
Use the BD-Power 1041212 Hi5 12-Bolt Flexplate with the BD-Power Hi5 Torque Converter on your 1994-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins to take advantage of the 12-bolt mounting. The 1041212 has been designed to give you long lasting durability in your performance built race truck. The Hi5 Flex Plate has a black oxide coating to resist corrosion and prevent hydrogen embrittlement. Made from forged billet, this precision balanced flex plate has twice the material of the stock flex plate and meets SFI 29.3 approval. 12-bolt mounting to work with BD-Power Hi5 Torque Converters. Features: 29.3 SFI Approved Black Oxide Coating 12-Bolt Mounting For Hi5 Converters
BD-Power Heavy Duty Flex Plate 1041210 675 12.00 BD-Power Heavy Duty Flex Plate 1041210
5.00 5 3
$ 385
ELIMINATE THE WEAKEST LINK! Now with Black Oxide coating that resists corrosion and prevents hydrogen embrittlement that can cause cracking. These new style units will fit any OEM or aftermarket torque converter and affordable enough to replace with converter or transmission swap. The BD Black FleX-Plate fits the 5.9L Cummins engines and is a direct, bolt-in replacement for the stock unit. Great for racing, towing or stock applications! For the racing or pulling enthusiast who has spent all that time and money to modify their rigs, it`s a crying shame be left at starting line or stuck in a mud hole because one of the weakest links has let you down. We are talking about the flex plate. The flex plate is what connects your engine to the torque convertor and the one supplied in your truck from the factory is not meant to hold the heavy torque loads that can be so easily be produced with a high performance engine. The BD Flex Plate is guaranteed to be industries strongest. Advanced design allows this flex plate to absorb drive train stresses while still being able to handle over 1500 lbs-ft of torque. These units are precision balanced and feature the best warranty in the business. BD Flex Plate Features: 2 times thicker than stock Manufactured using a high strength Cold Formed process 300% less radial run out compared to other aftermarket flex plates High Quality welds Shot Peened for stress release and higher fatigue strength Not effected by hydrogen embrittlement which can drastically reduce strength 350% better fatigue strength than Aluminum Correct ring gear that won't damage starter. Easy to install, simply align with the starter and bolt in place. For the ultimate racing or pulling 5.9L, you need the BD Flex Plate. Now SFI 29.3 approved Note: The BD Flexplate is design to work with a stock or a BD Torque Converter. BD is not responsible for installation issues with other Torque Converters. Additional InformationInstall Sheet
DPC 48DBFP Billet Flex Plate 34939 12.00 DPC 48DBFP Billet Flex Plate
$ 350
Upgrade the flex plate in your 1994-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins with the Diesel Performance Converters DPC 48DBFP Billet Flex Plate. Featuring a billet steel construction, the DPC Billet Flex Plate has a 29.4 SFI rating and is perfect for racers and high performance builds. Features: 29.4 SFI ApprovedEnhanced Durability and Strength Increased Thickness Over Stock
DPC 48SFP Heavy-Duty Flex Plate 34938 10.00 DPC 48SFP Heavy-Duty Flex Plate
$ 175
Eliminate the weak link between the torque converter and engine in your 1994-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins with the Diesel Performance Converters DPC 48SFP Heavy-Duty Flex Plate. Featuring a stamped steel construction, this flex plate is double the thickness of the factory unit and has a 29.1 SFI approval. Made for the budget minded enthusiast, or any Cummins owner that isn't pushing the limits of their truck to require an expensive billet flex plate. Features: SFI 29.1 Approved Stamped Steel Construction Doubled Thickness Over Factory Unit
Hays 11-024 Zinc Plated Heavy Duty Flex Plate 34650 10.60 Hays 11-024 Zinc Plated Heavy Duty Flex Plate
$ 212.95
Eliminate the weak link in the drivetrain of your 1989-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins with the Hays 11-024 Zinc Plated Flex Plate. From the factory, the flex plate on your truck can break under heavy conditions such as towing, sled pulling, drag racing, and even street driving in a modified pickup. The Hays Heavy Duty Flex Plate is forged from cold-rolled steel with a double welded outer ring gear to withstand the stress from your high-torque Cummins engine. Features: 29.1 SFI Certified (Zinc Plated)Forged From Cold-Rolled Steel Double Welded Outer Ring Gear4mm Thick Centerplate For Added StrengthHeavy-Duty Design For High-Torque ApplicationsSpecifications:Material: Steel # Of Teeth: 15229.1 SFI CertificationsEngine Balance: InternalCenter Bore (Register Diameter): 1.810"
Hays 11-024B Black Oxide Heavy Duty Billet Flex Plate 34651 12.80 Hays 11-024B Black Oxide Heavy Duty Billet Flex Plate
$ 413.95
The Hays 11-024B Black Oxide Heavy Duty Billet Flex Plate eliminates the weak link of the factory flex plate in your 1989-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins. Constructed from a thick one-piece billet steel design, the Hays Flex Plate is built to handle the additional horsepower and torque from your modified Cummins. Unlike the stock flex plate that can crack or even shatter, the Hays flex plate can handle 1,500 lbs. ft of torque and is 29.3 SFI certified. Features:29.3 SFI Certified (Black Oxide)5140 Billet Steel ConstructionOne-Piece Billet Steel DesignSpecialized Ring Gear Heat TreatmentHeavy-Duty Design For High-Torque ApplicationsSpecifications:Material: Steel # Of Teeth: 15229.3 SFI CertificationsEngine Balance: InternalCenter Bore (Register Diameter): 1.810"
Sun Coast 618-BFP Billet Flex Plate 6600 15.00 Sun Coast 618-BFP Billet Flex Plate
5.00 5 1
$ 425
The Sun Coast 618-BFP Billet Flex Plate for your 1994-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins is a must have when it comes to putting power to the ground in your truck. The high torque of your Cummins in conjunction with a better designed torque converter can transfer the torque with no slip. The flex plate is bolted to the crank shaft, then the converter is bolted to flex plate. The torque from your Cummins is transferred to the flex plate, from the flex plate to the torque converter then to your input shaft in the trans. With increased torque from the engine and no slip out of the converter it can crack and/or rip the center out of a stock flex plate.The Sun Coast billet flywheels are CNC machined from a forging for strength and reliefs are machined out between the converter mounting area and the crank flange to enable some flex. We designed our flexible billet flywheel with the understanding that it needs to flex but at the same time we added extra thickness to prevent cracking. We started with a better quality material and a better manufacturing process to make it stronger. Our flexible flywheel made or exceeded all the SFI specification 29.3 requirements for materials, mechanical properties, design and rotational integrity.Features: Billet Construction Replaces Factory Flex Plate Exceed 29.3 SFI Specifications Note: A SFI certified flywheel flex plate is required on drag racing vehicles running 11.99 and quicker in the 1/4 mile and 7.49 and quicker in the 1/8 mile, or any vehicle exceeding 135mph. It was changed in 2008 from the 29.1 SFI specification to the SFI specification 29.3 for automatic transmission flex plates for diesel applications. The new rules for the flexplate requires that the material can not be a stamped metal as many OEM and aftermarket flex plates are. To maintain the SFI specification 29.3 requirements, the flex plate must be replaced every three years.
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