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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
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User Submitted Media

By submitting user media to Xtreme Diesel Performance, LLC (XDP), the submitter hereby agrees to grant the authorization and permission of XDP and its employees to use submitted media and content for the purpose of publication, promotion, illustration, advertising, websites or in any manner or in any medium without the need of attributon to the user. User submitted media includes but is not limited to photographs, images, video, illustrations, diagrams and audio. By submitting, the user understands and agrees to waive his/her right to any compensation for any submitted media as a result of use by XDP, and waives his/her right to approve the final product using submitted media. The submitter hereby releases XDP and its legal representatives from all claims, liability and damages relating to user submitted media. By submitting user media, the user warrants and agrees that the user is eighteen (18) years old or more.

Privacy Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about the Xtreme Diesel Performance Privacy Policy or data processing, please contact us via telephone at 732-719-0955 or via email at [email protected]. Xtreme Diesel Performance may update its Privacy Policy from time to time. When we change the policy in a material way, a notice will be posted on our website along with the updated Privacy Policy. Xtreme Diesel Performance, LLC. 1758 State Route 34 N, Wall Township, NJ 07727

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