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DEI Diesel Radiator Relief 040204 12011 2.00 DEI Diesel Radiator Relief 040204
$ 7.48
Radiator Relief for Diesels supercharges your radiator by transferring heat more efficiently through the radiator. Similar to the original formula this proven coolant additive will reduce your operating temperature up to 30°F degrees and reduce engine wear that occurs during extreme heat.Radiator Relief for Diesels is also formulated with a corrosion inhibitor that reduces mineral deposits. This is the first additive that maintains pH levels that otherwise fluctuate over time resulting in core damage.Features:Quicker warm-upBlended for extreme useHelps reduce engine wearDecrease coolant temperature up to 30°FConcentrated for larger systems
DEI Radiator Relief Flush 040202 12012 1.00 DEI Radiator Relief Flush 040202
$ 7.48
Radiator Relief Cooling System Flush is a concentrated cleansing agent that effectively removes rust and mineral deposits left behind in the radiator core and hose lines. This advanced treatment also dissolves oily residue build-up left behind in old anti-freeze and coolant mixtures due to external contaminants. Helps maintain optimum efficiency and recommended to be used with distilled water.Features: Simple To Use100% BiodegradableDissolves Oily ResidueRemoves Rust DepositsRestores Cooling System Efficiency
Evans EC42001 Waterless Coolant Prep Fluid 80605 10.00 Evans EC42001 Waterless Coolant Prep Fluid
$ 33.95
The Evans EC42001 Waterless Coolant Prep Fluid is engineered to remove all water-based antifreeze from the cooling system in your vehicle. It is necessary to remove all water-based coolant from the cooling system before running the Evans EC53001 High Performance Waterless Engine Coolant to ensure that the waterless coolant performs properly, and the Evans EC42001 Waterless Coolant Prep Fluid is a scavenging fluid that is an easy way of removing all water from the cooling system; especially if there are no coolant drains in the engine block. The Prep Fluid is not designed to chemically clean the engine of rust and scale, but the process of circulation and emptying the Prep Fluid will assist in removing any loose sediment.Features:Absorbs Water In Cooling SystemEnsures Peak Performance Of Evan Waterless CoolantProtects Metallic Parts Of Cooling System During FlushNote: Prep Fluid is NOT intended to be a stand-alone operating coolant, but as a flush only.
Evans EC53001 High Performance Waterless Engine Coolant 27071 10.00 Evans EC53001 High Performance Waterless Engine Coolant
$ 46.52
The Evans EC53001 High Performance Waterless Engine Coolant provides superior cooling and protection for all light duty diesel, gasoline, LC and CNG engines. Evans Waterless Coolant is a proprietary base fluid with a specially formulated inhibitor package designed for use in many applications. Eliminates OverheatingEvans Waterless Coolants have a boiling point above 375°F and will not vaporize, thus eliminating overheating, boil-over and after-boil.Reduces PressureEvans Waterless Coolants generate very low vapor pressures reducing stress on engine cooling system components.Prevents CorrosionEvans Waterless Coolants contain no water effectively eliminating corrosion and pump cavitation.Increases BHPEvans Waterless Coolants eliminate pre-ignition and detonation caused by overheating - thus improving combustion efficiency and delivering more power.Freeze ProtectionEvans Waterless Coolants protects below -40°FLess ToxicEvans Waterless Coolants have low toxicity. Features: No SilicatesNo PhosphatesRequires no Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA)Universal Formula: All gasoline, light duty diesel, LP, and CNG
Lucas Oil 10640 Super Coolant 40630 13.00 Lucas Oil 10640 Super Coolant
$ 11.99
Reduce coolant temperatures and protect your vehicle's cooling system with the Lucas Oil 10640 Super Coolant. The unique formula in Super Coolant prevents deposits that can cause overheating and lower coolant temperatures by up to 20 degrees! Features: 16 oz. Bottle Lower Cylinder Head Temperatures Prevents Corrosion & Deposits In Cooling System Reduce Operating Temperature Up To 20 Degrees Note: One bottle treats 12-20 quarts of 50/50 water antifreeze mix. Two bottles are required for straight water coolant. For passenger cars, light trucks and SUV's use every 30,000 miles.
Mishimoto Liquid Chill Radiator Coolant Additive MMRA-LC 13043 5.00 Mishimoto Liquid Chill Radiator Coolant Additive MMRA-LC
5.00 5 1
$ 15.95
Reduce engine temperatures in your vehicle with the Mishimoto Liquid Chill Radiator Coolant Additive MMRA-LC. Designed for use with all types of coolant, Liquid Chill has been proven to reduce engine temps, in a wide range of vehicles from a purpose built sled pulling truck, to a street car, and even your trail ridden dirt bike. Liquid Chill is safe for use with all alloys and has a corrosion inhibitor to prevent corrosion, and also help reduce pre-existing buildup. This special formula is 100% biodegradeable, non-toxic, and non-corrosive. Features:(1) 4 Fl. Oz. Bottle No Mixing Required Helps Reduce Existing Build-Up Reduces High Coolant TemperaturesCorrosion Inhibitor To Protect Cooling SystemDosage Instructions: Use 2 bottles of Liquid Chill for trucks and SUVs. Use 1oz. Liquid Chill per 1-quart of coolant in dirt bikes and ATVs. Use 1 bottle of Liquid Chill for sport compact cars.
Mishimoto MMRA-LC-505064F Pre-Mixed Liquid Chill Synthetic Coolant 27096 5.00 Mishimoto MMRA-LC-505064F Pre-Mixed Liquid Chill Synthetic Coolant
$ 20.95
The Mishimoto MMRA-LC-505064F Pre-Mixed Liquid Chill Synthetic Coolant is formulated to operate flawlessly under extreme conditions and with both gasoline and diesel engines. Liquid Chill will help your engine warm up quickly and maintain ideal operating temperatures.Liquid Chill Synthetic Engine Coolant technology combines an inherently nontoxic propylene glycol base with unique poly organic additives (POAT) to allow a service life that can exceed 7+ years or 750,000 miles in Heavy Duty (diesel) applications and over 2+ years or 250,000 miles in Light Duty (gasoline) applications, although Mishimoto engineers recommend consulting your service manual for application-specific guidelines. Liquid Chill Synthetic Engine Coolant is designed to meet or exceed all stock specifications and exceeds the specs needed to pass ASTM D6210 and ASTM D3306 coolant tests. It's premixed with deionized water, so it's ready to use and safe for all water-cooled engines, protecting against boilover to 265°F and freezing to -26°F (with 15 psi cap)**.The proprietary formula doesn't contain any nasty nitrates, amines, high-fructose corn syrup, phosphates, silicates, borates, and all those other "ates" that will clog up thermostats and radiators, and cause excessive wear on water pumps. However, Mishimoto engineers strongly recommend that you and your children do NOT consume this coolant. Seriously, don't drink it, and keep it on a high shelf so kids and pets can't get to it. Now, by popular demand, we're offering Liquid Chill in convenient 64 oz. containers, so you can top your coolant off, quickly refill your dirtbike radiator, or just keep it around as a conversation piece.Features: Inhibits Corrosion Pre-Mixed 50/50 FormulaReduces Engine Wear Reduces Operating Temperatures For Diesel and Gasoline Engines
Red Line 80204 WaterWetter Coolant Additive 50012 1.00 Red Line 80204 WaterWetter Coolant Additive
$ 8.35
Improve heat transfer and reduce cylinder head temperature with the Red Line 80204 WaterWetter Coolant Additive. Designed for use with all modern aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass, and bronze cooling systems, WaterWetter reduces the vapor barrier that forms on hot metal surfaces to reduce coolant temperatures by up to 20 degrees. WaterWetter is compatible with new or used coolant, including DEX-COOL and long-life versions, to improve the heat transfer of ethylene and propylene glycol cooling systems while cleaning and lubricating water pump seals. WaterWetter will not lower cooling system temperatures below the thermostatically-controlled temperature.Features:12 oz. BottleTreats 3-5 GallonsRust and Corrosion ProtectionContains No Ethylene GlycolLubricates Water Pump SealsCompatible with Virtually Any CoolantReduces Coolant Temperatures Up To 20 Degrees
Royal Purple 01600 Purple Ice Radiator Additive 400 2.00 Royal Purple 01600 Purple Ice Radiator Additive
5.00 5 1
$ 9.71
Add Royal Purple 01600 Purple Ice Radiator Additive to your vehicle and get a high performance radiator conditioner. Purple Ice features a 2-in-1 corrosion inhibitor and wetting agent that delivers year-round defense against corrosion, while also reducing the surface tension of the radiator coolant which allows greater heat transfer, resulting in lower coolant temperatures. By reducing hot spots in the engine and cylinder heads, Purple Ice helps to minimize the possibility of engine failure. Royal Purple helps to prevent overheating, keeps the system clean, and extends the life of your vehicles water pump. Safe to use with water-only or antifreeze / water blends, Purple Ice is compatible with OEM and stock replacement coolants, including extended-life anti-freezes. Purple Ice does not contain glycol and is safe and legal for track use.Features:Helps Prevent OverheatingReduces Coolant Surface TensionReduces Hot Spots in the Engine and Cylinder HeadsDoes Not Contain Glycol and is Safe and Legal for Track UseSafe to Use With Water-Only or Antifreeze / Water BlendsRecommended Treat Rate:*For use with 50/50 antifreeze / coolant mixture: 1 oz. / quart of cooling system capacityFor use with straight water or higher water percentage antifreeze / coolant mixture: 2 oz. / quart of cooling system capacity* Minimum of 20% antifreeze is recommended in street-driven vehicles. Purple Ice does not provide freeze protection. Use an appropriate amount of antifreeze for the cold temperatures in your area.
XDP Additive POP Display (Fully Stocked) XD378 61007 12.00 XDP Additive POP Display (Fully Stocked) XD378
$ 298.95
Add the XDP Fuel and Oil Additive POP Display (Fully Stocked) XD378 to your shop counter as a convenient up-sell, conversation piece, and an organized way to display XDP Diesel Fuel Additive, XDP X-TRA Cool Radiator Additive, and X-Factor Oil Additive! Each display package includes a black cardboard display and a fully stocked inventory of XDP's Fuel, Oil, and Coolant Additives.XDP Diesel Power PlusXDP's all-in-one fuel additive is a specially formulated concentrate that is great for year-round use. Diesel Power Plus is a complete fuel system treatment that disperses water, cleans your fuel injection system, controls icing and freeze-up, improves fuel economy, and increases your cetane rating. XDP Polar-D XDP's winter formula is specially designed for cold weather conditions and prevents fuel problems related to winter operations. Polar-D prevents waxing and gelling while also enhancing the lubricity quality of your fuel. Polar-D also uses wax modifiers and water-converting agents to prevent formation of ice crystals which protects freeze up and filter plugging. X-TRA Cool High-Performance Coolant AdditiveX-TRA Cool Coolant Additive is designed to enhance the performance of your cooling system. Formulated to maximize the thermal transfer properties of your coolant, the X-TRA Cool Additive reduces coolant temps and helps to prevent build-up and corrosion. Compatible with all cooling systems and coolant types. X-Factor High Performance Oil AdditiveX-Factor is designed to reduce wear in your engine. A 100% synthetic friction reducer, X-Factor also reduces noise, vibration, improves engine efficiency, and protects surfaces from corrosion and sludge. X-Factor is intended for use on on both diesel and gasoline engines using synthetic and conventional oils.Features:Comes Fully Stocked Point-Of-Purchase DisplayGreat For Shop and Countertop DisplayEach Display Includes: (5) XDP Diesel Power Plus - 16 Oz. Bottles (5) XDP Polar-D Winter Formula - 16 Oz. Bottles (8) XDP X-TRA Cool High Performance Coolant Additive - 16 Oz. Bottles(12) XDP X-Factor High Performance Oil Additive - 8 Oz. Bottles
XDP X-TRA Cool High-Performance Coolant Additive XD332 60015 1.00 XDP X-TRA Cool High-Performance Coolant Additive XD332
5.00 5 2
$ 9.95
The XDP X-TRA Cool High-Performance Coolant Additive XD332 enhances the performance of the cooling system in your vehicle. The X-TRA Cool Coolant Additive has been specially formulated to maximize the thermal transfer properties of your engine coolant to lower your temperatures. Not only does the X-TRA Cool Additive reduce engine coolant temps, the premium additives in this formula prevent build-up and corrosion to extend the life of your cooling system and cooling system components. XDP X-TRA Cool Coolant Additive is safe for use in all cooling systems and is compatible with all types of coolant.Features:For All Cooling SystemsReduces Engine TemperaturesPrevents Build-Up and Corrosion Compatible With All Coolant Types Directions:Add complete bottle for most typical automotive systems. For other applications, add 1 ounce of XDP X-TRA Cool Coolant Additive per quart of system capacity.
XDP continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. As an integral part of the automotive supply chain, at this point all call centers and distribution centers remain fully operational to ensure we keep vital service components flowing to vehicles used in transport of goods and emergency response. To ensure the health of our employees, families, and customers, we have made the following procedural changes:

  • UPDATE: Effective 6/1 Customer Service resumes normal business hours of M-F 8:30 – 9:00pm EST.
  • Effective 3/18 we have decided to temporarily close both of our retail stores in NJ and NV.
  • Our technical sales team remains available Mon-Fri 8:30am-9pm and Saturday 10:30am-7pm EST.
  • All employees have been encouraged to follow the CDC's recommendations at home and in the workplace.
The circumstances of this virus are fast moving, as such, we will continue to update you with any further operational adjustments as needed. As always, we value your business and appreciate your patience as we manage this situation together.