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Heat Control Products

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PPE 149000105 Firewall Insulator 44197 3.00 PPE 149000105 Firewall Insulator
$ 269.99
Upgrade the worn, dirty firewall insulation in your 2001-2005 GM Truck with a PPE 149000105 Firewall Insulator. Diesel engines produce a lot of heat, especially in high-output situations like towing and racing. They also produce plenty of heat in slower moving situations such as sitting in traffic. The PPE Firewall Insulator creates a barrier between you and the heat. The ceramic fiber interior sandwiched between the tightly woven silicone fiberglass outer fabric and the woven silica inner panel provides temperature resistance up to 1,290 degrees. Manufactured with merrowed stainless steel edging for long-lasting performance and grommets for an OEM fit.Features:Ceramic Fiber InteriorMerrowed Stainless Steel Wire EdgingWoven Silicone Fiberglass and Silica Outer FabricsReduction in Engine Heat and Noise Entering the CabCan Be Installed Without Removing Engine