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BD-Power 1030710 2Low UnLoc 32301 1.00 BD-Power 1030710 2Low UnLoc
$ 148
The BD-Power 1030710 2Low UnLoc provides your 2001-2014 GM 2500HD/3500HD with the option of low range in 2WD! The 2Low Unloc is designed to allow the operator to manually disable the front wheel drive mechanism by holding the hubs in the free (2WD) mode with the transfer case in 4WD low range. By allowing the front wheels to be disengaged, maximum torque is available to the rear wheels. This will also allow for sharp All The Way Over turns without the front axle u - joint hopping or binding. With this kit installed, the front wheels will NOT be driven through the transfer case. This allows the operator to have full power and torque while in a high gear reduction applied to the rear axle only. Features: Enables Low Range 2WD Applies Maximum Torque To Rear Axle Only Applications: 2001-2014 GM 2500HD/3500HD 4WD 2001-2013 GM 1500 4WD
CST CV Style Driveshaft CSP-C28-1 30311 70.00 CST CV Style Driveshaft CSP-C28-1
$ 615.15
The CST CV Style Driveshaft CSP-C28-1 for your 2001-2015 GM 2500HD/3500HD is designed specifically for use with CST 6"-8" and 8"-10" Lift Kits (set at 8"). Features: For 6.6L Duramax With Allison Trans Works With CST 6"-8" Lift and 8"-10" Lift (set at 8") Recommended For Use In 4WD At Highway Speeds Note: CSS-C22-8 Bracket Required for 2011+ (see related items below). CSS-C22-7 Bracket required for 2007.5-2010 models (see related items below) Applications: 2001-2010 25000HD/3500HD 4WD (With CST 6"-8" and 9"-11") Fits 6.6L or 8.1L engines. 2011-2015 2500HD/3500HD 4WD (With CST 6"-8" and 8"-10" Set at 8") Fits 6.6L or 8.1L engines.
Fleece FPE-TUFSHAFTS TufShafts Axle Upgrade 23688 18.00 Fleece FPE-TUFSHAFTS TufShafts Axle Upgrade
$ 895
The Fleece FPE-TUFSHAFTS TufShafts Axle Upgrade is designed for your 2001-2010 GM 2500HD/3500HD with a 9.25 AAM front axle. They are designed to eliminate the stock passenger side split axle shaft that is prone to breaking under high torque situations, as well as the short drive side axle shaft that is prone to breaking under high torque situations as well. The TufShafts are made from high strength HyTuf material for maximum strength and reliability. Features: Durable, HyTuf Construction Eliminates Stock Pass. Side Split Shaft Note: The TufShaft does not incorporate an axle disconnect, so the front driveshaft will spin when the vehicle is in motion, but with the front differential unlocked the truck will turn and drive like normal.

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