Lucas Off Road Racing Series Rounds 9 & 10

Event Date/Location

October 17 - 18 Speedworld Off Road Park, Surprise, AZ

Event Details

Unlimited 4 - Round 9
The  first six spots from yesterday’s round of Unlimited 4 qualifying were  inverted for the start of today’s race, putting the #5 Pro Comp/Toyo  Tires Ford of Travis Coyne and the #18 Terrible Herbst Chevrolet of Tim  Herbst on the front row this afternoon. Herbst made a perfect jump to  take the early lead over Coyne, Adrian Cenni, Carl Renezeder, and Troy  Herbst on lap one. Coyne was pushing the leading Herbst hard, and  finally managed to get by and take the lead in turn one. Cenni followed  suit in his #11 Atrium Chevrolet, moving past Herbst in turn four of  the same lap. Cenni then lost it in turn one a few laps later, allowing  several drivers to get by in less than one lap before he finally pulled  off the track and out of the race. Up front, Coyne still led, but it  was now Carl Renezeder in the #1 Lucas Oil/General Tires Ford who  occupied second position. Tim Herbst was now third, with Alan Pflueger  lying fourth in his #71 K&N/KMC Wheels Chevrolet and Bryce Menzies  moving up to fifth in his #51 Team Associated Ford. This order stayed  the same as the competition yellow came out, but as the second half of  the race began, it was Pflueger who had a great jump to move up to  third spot. The leader Coyne then bicycled in turn two, dropping him  back to fourth after running so strongly in the first half of the race.  Renezeder assumed the lead ahead of Pflueger and Tim Herbst, and  although Coyne provided strong enough pressure on Herbst to eventually  move into third, both he and Herbst pulled off the track with less than  two laps to go. By the end of the race, only four trucks were still  running, and it was Renezeder who came out on top, with Pflueger taking  second, Menzies third, and Jerry Daugherty in the #23 Dixie  Choppers/Racin’ Dirty Chevrolet finishing fourth
Super Lite - Round 9
The  drivers of the Bully Dog Super Lite division were next out on track,  and following an eight position inversion, #20 Joey Granatelli and #72  Brandon Bailey sat on the front row for the start of the race. As the  green flag dropped, #16 Dawson Kirchner spun out before crossing the  start/finish line, forcing a full restart of the race. Once the drivers  had settled down again, it was Bailey who jumped into the early lead in  his Lamb Energy/Stronghold Motorsports machine after the race got  underway again. Chad George sat in second in his Independent/Blanco  Basura truck, with John Harrah third in the #13 Speed Technologies  truck, Brandon Ward (son of Unlimited 2 driver Jeff Ward) fourth, and  Ricky James in fifth. James was on a charge, moving his #24 So Cal  Supertrucks machine into fourth, then third, then second, and finally  into the lead in just a handful of laps. Shortly thereafter, a bizarre  combination of events nearly ended James’ chances of victory. Jason  Patison rolled at the end of the mogul section, which brought out a  full course yellow. Race directors decided to use this yellow flag as  the competition yellow flag as well, and as the leaders slowed while  passing by the start finish line, second placed Bailey seemed to not  notice the yellow flags, and sailed off a jump and right into the back  of the leader James. Despite the rough-looking collision, James’ truck  wasn’t damaged severely, and as the green flag came back out, he held  the lead ahead of Bailey and George. On the final lap, George made a  desperate attempt to dive inside of Bailey in turn five, but he only  ended up pulling Bailey and himself off the track and back to sixth and  seventh places. Ahead and clear of this chaos, James took his third  victory in a row, keeping intact his perfect record of three wins in  three Lucas Oil series starts. Second place fell to the Speed  Technologies truck of Kirchner, third to Chuck Dempsey in the #50  XDP truck, fourth to Kirchner’s Bully Dog teammate Harrah, and  fifth to Ward in the #92 NOS Energy Drink machine.
Unlimited 4 - Round 10
The  big, bad, fire-breathing beasts of Unlimited 4 were up next, and with only two  rows being inverted from this morning’s qualifying, Alan Pflueger and Adrian  Cenni started side by side on the front row this afternoon. Cenni led the field  past the start/finish line at the end of lap one, with Pflueger, Renezeder,  Coyne, and Tim Herbst  in the #18 Terrible  Herbst/Miller Lite Chevrolet in tow. Renezeder moved his #1 General Tires/Lucas  Oil Ford past his teammate Pflueger to grab second spot, while further back,  Coyne dropped out, which allowed Troy Herbst’s #19 Terrible Herbst/Coors Light  Chevrolet into the top five. Action was fast but smooth, and Cenni was using an  unusual line in turn four to great effect as his #11 Atrium Chevrolet was still  running strong up front as the competition yellow flag waved. Behind Cenni  still sat Renezeder, waiting to pounce should Cenni falter. Pflueger ran third,  with the Herbsts, Tim and Troy, in fourth and fifth. After the track once again  went green, the Herbsts both ducked into the hot pits with flat tires. Josh  Merrell and Bryce Menzies briefly inherited spots in the top five, only to drop  out of the race with separate issues. Up front, Renezeder was really turning  the screws on Cenni, and with one lap to go, the crowd was on its feet to cheer  on the underdog who they call “The Wild Man,” Adrian Cenni. Cenni drove  brilliantly to hold off Renezeder and take the win, causing most all those in  attendance to pump their fists and cheer in approval. Renezeder had to be  satisfied with second place this time, while Pflueger took third in the #71  K&N/KMC Wheels Chevrolet. Troy Herbst eventually finished fourth, ahead of  his brother Tim in fifth.
Super Lite - Round 10
Once  again, Chad George was the top qualifier for today’s Bully Dog Super Lite race,  going a perfect four-for-four in UTV and Super Lite qualifying this weekend.  However, he was once again hindered by the inversion, which put Brandon Ward  and John Harrah on the front row for the start of today’s race. Points leader  Harrah jumped out to the early lead in his #13 Speed Technologies truck,  followed by Brandon Bailey in the #72 Lamb Energy machine, George in his #42  Independent/Blanco Basura truck, Joey Granatelli in the #20 WD-40/Verve! entry,  and so-far unbeaten driver Ricky James in the #24 So Cal Supertrucks machine.  Bailey rolled over in turn two, and with Granatelli dropping back, Chad Leising  and Dawson Kirchner were now running fourth and fifth. Up front, James was  putting in another great drive, moving past Harrah and George through the long  turn six to take over first place. George dropped out soon afterwards, leaving  James, Leising, Harrah, Kirchner, and Granatelli in the top five as the  competition yellow dropped. Once green flag racing resumed, several drivers had  hiccups of varying degrees. Harrah was slowed by a hood that was coming off,  Granatelli was black flagged for a reason unknown to this reporter, and Bailey  had his second roll of the race, this time in spectacular fashion as he went  backwards off the outside burm in turn five. Ahead of all the wreckage, the  skills which Leising had put to such good use earlier this season were finally  re-emerging as he took the lead in his #17 Geico Powersports/Lucas Oil truck.  Leising ran strong through the end to take the win, handing James his first  loss in LOORRS competition. James had to settle for runner-up, ahead of  Kirchner in the other Speed Technologies truck, Chuck Dempsey in the #50  XDP truck, and Ward’s #92 NOS Energy Drink machine.