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Parts & Accessories For 2015-2020 Ford Transit Vans with 3.2 Powerstroke Engines
Get everything you need for your 3.2L Powerstroke diesel all under one roof. XDP offers a large selection of stock replacement and aftermarket parts from all the leading brands. Whether you are looking to upgrade your van or simply doing routine maintenance, XDP is the one-stop-shop for your 2015-2020 Ford Transit T-150/250/350.

The 3.2L Powerstroke is an inline 5-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine offered in the Ford Transit vans during the 2015-2020 model years. This engine was adapted from the European DuraTorq engine platform to meet the strict emissions standards in the US. The 3.2L Powerstroke features similar components to the 6.7L Powerstroke for increased power and fuel economy. Introducing a diesel engine in the Transit vans was aimed at customers who wanted a more powerful and efficient alternative to a gas engine. Adding a diesel engine to the Transit vans also improved towing capabilities by maintaining 90% of the peak torque from 1,500 to 2,500 RPM. Maximum towing capacity of the Transit van increased to 7,500lb with the addition of this diesel engine.

The 3.2L Powerstroke is constructed of a Cast-Iron Block and Cast-Aluminum Cylinder Heads. Inside this engine are cast-aluminum, low-friction coated pistons with piston-cooling jets, to keep the piston crowns cool under extreme operating conditions. Another upgrade on the 3.2L Powerstroke is a water-cooled EGR valve designed to reduce exhaust gas temperature before being recirculated through the intake. This Powerstroke engine is fitted with a variable-geometry turbocharger with an electronically-controlled wastegate, that increases power and improves fuel economy. The addition of quick-starting glow plugs promotes faster engine start-up during cold weather conditions. To lower emissions and provide increased power, this engine utilizes a high-pressure common-rail fuel system. The piezo-electric fuel injectors are designed to spray up to 5 injection events per stroke.

A new feature in the Ford Transit van is the combination of the diesel oxidation catalyst and the diesel particulate filter to create a single brick emission system. The selective catalytic reduction system is another component of this emissions system and utilizes diesel exhaust fluid to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. The 3.2L Powerstroke is rated at 185 hp and 350 ft-lb torque and is paired with Ford's 6R80 6-speed automatic transmission with dual overdrive ratios. After the 2020 model year, Ford discontinued the use of the 3.2L Powerstroke in their Transit vans. XDP continues to support this engine by carrying the parts your 3.2L Powerstroke needs, including Oil Filters, Fuel Filters, and more! Shop hundreds of the top manufacturers to find the parts your 2015-2020 Ford Transit 3.2L Powerstroke needs.