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Parts & Accessories For Motorhome & RV Diesel Vehicles

Motorhomes were initially introduced in the early 1900's and production of these recreational vehicles (RV) has continued to present day. There have been multiple styles of motorhomes built for different purposes that were categorized into 3 main classes. Class A motorhomes were typically built on commercial bus platforms and designed to be the more luxurious option for a recreational vehicle (RV). Recently built Class B motorhomes were mainly referred to as campervans, as they were mostly built on Sprinter Van, Ram Promaster, or Ford Transit platforms. Class C motorhomes were similar to Class B but instead of being built with a van platform they were built on dual-wheel cutaway chassis including Ford E-Series Vans and GM Express/Savana Vans.

Powering many of these modern recreational vehicles were a variety of heavy-duty diesel engines including Cummins, Powerstroke, Duramax, MV Motori and Mercedes. Many of the engines used in these RV's were variations of the diesel engines found in ¾-ton and 1-ton pickups. These engines employed many of the same components seen in pickups but were modified for the demands of RV duty. Utilizing a diesel engine in motorhomes also provided superior fuel economy and durability over gasoline options. Diesel engines delivered a higher torque output that made them the better option for hauling heavy loads.

Robust diesel engines weren't the only components carried over from pickup applications, as they were also built on various heavy-duty truck and van frames. Popular chassis for Class A RVs included Ford F-53/59, Workhorse vans, and GM P-Series vans, as they have heavy-duty suspension components and transmission options to support the largest class of RV's. Class B motorhomes were built on Ford, Dodge, and Mercedes cargo van chassis, typically with raised roofs and reinforced suspension components. Class B and Class C were similar as they both have a cargo van foundation. The main difference between them was the Class C motor home featured a cab on chassis design. A camper that was constructed using a Ford E-Series or GM Express/Savana Van was the most popular combination. Class C RVs cutaway chassis also had reinforced suspension components to withstand the added weight of a camper attachment.

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