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Fuel Bomb

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F-Bomb FB-001 Diesel Fuel Additive By Fuel Bomb 34969 1.20 F-Bomb FB-001 Diesel Fuel Additive By Fuel Bomb
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$ 14.95
Treat the diesel engine and fuel system in your vehicle with the F-Bomb FB-001 Diesel Fuel Additive By Fuel Bomb. F-Bomb Fuel Additive is specially formulated so your diesel engine runs better and cleaner. F-Bomb improves your overall power, increases engine efficiency, and improves throttle response by creating a more efficient burn. F-Bomb gives you an all-in-one additive that cleans, lubricates, and protects your diesel engine. F-Bomb disperses water from your fuel system, and also helps prevent formation of algae and bacteria. In addition, this fuel additive also helps reduce emissions while decarbonizing your injector nozzles and combustion chamber. One 16-ounce bottle of F-Bomb will treat up to 500 gallons of diesel fuel. Whether it be in your diesel pickup, passenger car, semi-truck, motorhome, or even a generator, F-Bomb is the perfect additive for pretty much every engine that runs on diesel fuel. Features:16 Oz. Bottle Totally Disperses Water Increased Cetane Rating Improved Power and EfficiencyTreats 500 Gallons Of Diesel Fuel Dosage Instructions:Use 2 ounces per 32 gallons of fuel for initial treatment. Supplemental treatments only require 1 ounce per 32 gallons.