AEM Brute Force Diesel Intake System 21-8104D

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2003-2006 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke (pickup & excursion) w/ MAF sensor & w/ 2 piece intake tube (Built Before 7/30/07)
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BRUTE FORCE Intake System Features & Benefits:



AEM BRUTE FORCE intakes are designed for popular trucks, SUVs and musclecars, and dyno-tested to create more torque and horsepower than any other intake for large displacement engines.


Our R&D testing procedures and quality-first manufacturing processes set our intakes apart. But at the end of the day, what makes our intakes different is that we make more torque and horsepower than the competition, and deliver the best filtration and performance available through our DRYFLOW Synthetic filter. We test against them, and won't release a system unless it outperforms all other offerings.


At AEM, our mechanical engineers emphasize tuning the resonance properties of the inlet pipe to help carry more air to the intake valves. We route our plumbing so that the filter draws air from the safest and coolest location, and provide a steel powdercoated heat shield to shroud the filter from engine heat and road dirt. Every BRUTE FORCE Intake we make is submitted to C.A.R.B. for 50-state exemption, and we guarantee them for life.


Combine this with the only dry performance filter on the market (DRYFLOW Synthetic filter), compete hardware in every kit, a steel heat shield, reinforced brackets, unmatched looks and a lifetime guarantee, and it's easy to see why BRUTE FORCE Intakes “Bully The Competition.”



Key Features:

  • Outperforms every other system on the market
  • Constructed of mandrel-bent, 6061
  • Reinforced TIG-welded brackets and fittings deliver added durability
  • NEW! Exclusive DRYFLOW Synthetic filter does not require oil, delivers the best filtration and performance on the market!
  • Utilizes a complete hardware kit with soft mounts for a guaranteed perfect fit
  • Carbon-Black powdercoated steel heat shield included (when applicable)
  • Every BRUTE FORCE System is C.A.R.B. exempt or pending C.A.R.B. exemption
  • Manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Limited lifetime warranty







 AEM's Revolutionary DRYFLOW Synthetic Performance Air Filter—Better Filtration & Dust Trapping, No More Oiling!


            Performance air filters have gone unchanged for 50 years until now. AEM has reinvented the Lifetime performance air filter in the form of our DRYFLOW Synthetic air filter—the first performance air filter that does not require oiling to filter and trap dirt and contaminants!  



  • The DRYFLOW Synthetic filter's unique non-woven polyester filter media is independently tested at over 98% initial filtration efficiency (99.4% cumulative efficiency) based on SAE J276 JUN93 Fine Dust Air Cleaner Test Code procedures. Oiled filter initial efficiency is typically 90% to 95% efficient. 
  • The DRYFLOW Synthetic filter delivers superior filtration and equal performance (compared to an oiled filter) on every BRUTE FORCE intake tested!
  • AEM's unique non-woven filter media never needs oil! This means less down time between cleanings and no more chance of over-oiling.
  • A neutral gray filter color complements our mirror-polished and silver powdercoat finishes, and hides the dirt that it keeps out of your engine.
  • A mineral reinforced plastic interior cage increases structural rigidity—it's virtually impossible to collapse, even on Diesels! No mesh screen means no more filter damage from bumps during installation or cleaning and no corrosion damage.
  • Element is cleanable and is Guaranteed for Life!
  • Will NOT void your vehicle's warranty!

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Jacob (Oregon) 9/23/2014 11:32 PM
i have a 2004 f250 6.0 and this intake system is amazing, before this i had a closed afe intake and it was just to restrictive so i bought this and it is amazing, sounds a little different but deffinetly a major diference in mpgs and responsivness, also got lower egts, and higher boost, doesnt have an air damn and that seems to be just fine, i pull heavy trailers daily, and do truck pulls occasionally and it works just fine. amazing product wouldnt waste money on anything else.
Excellent product. BEST bang for the buck
B-Well (Virginia Beach, VA) 1/18/2012 7:17 PM
Ive been modding customer's trucks for years and this is THE BEST intake for the price. All the hype about a "heat shield" is hearsay. At speeds over 10mph the underhood temps are the same as exterior temps. The best intake system on an intercooled, turbocharged vehicle is that of least resistance. AEM is correct when saying no heat shield is needed. It acutally restricts the flow of air. Also the price is half of their competitors. I recommend this to all customers for their trucks to save them hundreds. expect gains of .4 - 1.9 MPG depending on your other mods
ab (tx) 12/27/2008 1:47 AM
this product is sow good it added some of hp to my truck. it looks nice. but it realy needs a air dam and needs to add some more hp and i got 2.0 to 2.5 mpg
Good but needs work
tractor guy (Kansas) 11/27/2008 3:13 PM
I like the looks of the Brute Force and it does function well. Added about .5 to 1.5 MPG-HOWEVER the 03-04 app does not come with an air dam to prevent it from drawing in hot air from the engine and I don't know if any of the other apps do. I called AEM and asked them why one is not included and they told me it was not necessary-so I called BS on that one, but they stuck with their answer. I have since made my own air dam that helped with power but no increase in economy. I am considering going with a sealed system such as the S&B or Banks. Overall, good system asnd the chrome tube looks really nice, but AEM needs to step up and provide an aire dam with the system.
Anonymous (Unknown) 4/1/2007 12:15 PM
The Brute Force Intake was a nice add on to my truck, but I was hoping for a little more power; not just noise.