Banks Power 42220 Ram-Air Intake System

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2011-2012 GM 6.6L Duramax LML
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Banks Power
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Testing, testing & more testing.

Banks Ram-Air Intake Systems are tested and proven. They start out as CAD software prototypes and are put through flow simulations. After a hardware prototype is made, it's tested on a flowbench. Then it's tested on the vehicle. And finally, Banks' density-tests the Ram-Air against stock and many competitors.

Proven design. Proven performance.

Thanks to its enclosed cold-air housing, huge inlet, giant dome-shaped lifetime filter and streamlined design, Banks Ram-Air Intake maximizes the flow of cool, dense air to the engine for greater power and fuel economy. It flows 35% better than stock. And delivers greater air density to the turbo's inlet than the stock system and every competitor tested!

It's all about density.

And Banks Ram-Air Intakes deliver. The harder you work your truck, the more Banks Ram-Air Intake improves power and fuel economy!

Longer service life, too.

An aftermarket exclusive: with 5" bellows, Banks Ram-Air accommodates engine movement, which protects the components and extends service life. What's more, Ram-Air is designed to not cause fault or error codes.

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more spool, more sound, more tq
ron (nation wide) 11/25/2015 10:30 PM
I have use this kit for four year on 2011 lml. you will get more spool, more sound when on the floor, and more in your seat tq. definitely worth every penny. just clean the filter one a year. not my daily driver either.
Not worth the money!!
John (Florida) 4/16/2015 7:33 AM
The primary reason I purchased the Ram Air with the Super Scoop was to increase fuel mileage on my 2011 Silverado 2500HD. I drive back and forth to Atlanta from the Tampa area every 6 weeks. My truck would average 21-22 MPG prior to installing the Banks Ram Air. I installed the Ram Air on Monday and drove to Atlanta on Wednesday. No change in the fuel mileage. I drive 75 MPH using the cruise control. No change in the average fuel mileage. The installation of the Ram Air was easy and straight forward. The installation of the Super Scoop was not as easy. The photos in the manual are terrible and hard to see details. If you are do not have good mechanical skills you may have problems. Also the hose clamp that Banks supplies to secure the air filter to the ram Air housing was not the right size. My air filter is held on with wire ties until I can get the right size hose clamp in from Banks. John at XDP was very helpful.
2012 GMC LML
Austin ( Missouri) 7/23/2014 7:38 PM
Bought this product because of one simple fact when it comes to safe and reliable power Banks is #1. Before installing this intake and a Banks 4 inch Monster Exhaust I was getting about 15.5 hwy and about 12.5 city. But I'm sitting on a Rough Country level kit and 33.1250.18 toyo m/t's. After installation it boosted me up to 15 city and up to 21 hwy. No programmers or any tuning either. Things to come in future MBRP turbo downpipe and maybe Banks Automind.
Power Ron (kentucky) 1/5/2013 11:25 PM
good power for my 2011 LML NO PROGRAMMER. They don't offer the superscoop for the LML but I bought it any way. It doesn't mount with the given hardware so you need to be good with your hands. If not, do not get the LMM super scoop. I got it mount on one panel bolt at the bottom of bumper. Had to drill about 2 or 3 holes and heavy duty zip tie for the upper. Some heavy duty rubber to snug up the connection to the filter box. And I also sealed up the big hole on the side to keep hot engine air out. Long story short 50 MPH - 27 MPG, INTERSTATE AT 70 MPH 24.4 MPG on the dash read out with 50 degree weather. better than 19.2 MPG AT 70 MPH. I put 1/4 a tank in cruised the highways for about 2.5 hours. Burned half of the quarter. $159 for the LMM super scoop and 5 EXTRA MPG... No Bull Not sure about my power gains but its still strong as an OX.