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BD-Power 1050347 Flow-Max Fuel Heater Kit 29173 1.00 BD-Power 1050347 Flow-Max Fuel Heater Kit
4 5 1
$ 155
The BD-Power 1050347 Fuel Heater is a must have for those in cold climates. Prevent cold weather gelling of your AirDog fuel system with the BD-Power PTC Heating Element. Designed for quick installation, this heating element gets sandwiched between the water separator and filter head. The self regulating 320 watt heater has over 3x the amount of heating power of other single systems. Each kit includes heating element and wiring harness with sealed electrical connectors for an easy install. Features: Designed For AirDog Fuel Systems Installs Between Filter and Filter Head Self-Regulating 320 Watt Heater Note: This product will fit all AirDog, AirDog 2, and AirDog II-4G Fuel Systems.
Dorman 904-193 Water In Fuel (WIF) Sensor 29215 1.00 Dorman 904-193 Water In Fuel (WIF) Sensor
$ 37.95
The Dorman 904-193 Water In Fuel (WIF) Sensor is a direct replacement for your 1989-1996 Dodge 5.9L Cummins. Dormans Water In Fuel Sensor is constructed from high-quality materials to withstand wear and tear due to repeated fuel filter service and other factors. It activates a warning signal that indicates elevated water levels in diesel fuel, enabling you to take measures to protect against fuel contamination, fuel system rust and corrosion, and engine trouble. Features: Direct Fit Replaces Chrysler OE #: 04429116
FASS 32283 Replacement Heater Element 35678 2.00 FASS 32283 Replacement Heater Element
$ 118.75
The FASS 32283 Replacement Heater Element is a direct plug and play replacement heater element for the FASS HK-1001 Electric Heater Kit. Features:For FASS Fuel Systems Replacement Heater Element Application Notes: Heater only, no other parts included. In most cases, this is replacement heater purchased by those looking to add a second probe for a dual heater setup. If using as a dual heater, the HKS-1001 Dual Electric Heater Splitter will make installation much easier (see related items below).
FASS HK-1001 Electric Heater Kit 10994 2.00 FASS HK-1001 Electric Heater Kit
$ 151.05
The FASS Electric Heater Kit HK-1001 is an optional heater is intended as an upgrade for FASS systems being used in cold regions. Each FASS Titanium Series pump has ports for two electric heaters, that will aid in cold weather starts and keep fuel from gelling up while driving during sub freezing temperatures. The heater will begin warming the fuel block once the key is in the on position and will automatically shut off after the proper temperature has been reached. Features: Prevents Fuel Gelling Warms Fuel Block During Cold Starts Automatic On/Off Heater Fits Titanium Series System Complete Installation Kit Application Note: For FASS owners adding (2) Electric Heaters to their pumps a second probe is required (see related products below)If adding (2) heaters the FASS HKS-1001 Splitter Harness will make the installation easier (see related products below).
FASS HKS-1001 Dual Electric Heater Kit Splitter 34944 2.00 FASS HKS-1001 Dual Electric Heater Kit Splitter
$ 37.05
The FASS HKS-1001 Dual Electric Heater Kit Splitter eliminates the need to re-wire or solder the connections when installing dual electric heaters on your FASS Fuel System. Features:Plug and Play InstallationFor FASS Fuel Systems Eliminates Re-Wiring On Dual Heater KitsApplication Notes:Harness only, secondary heater required (see related items below).

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