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Charging & Starting

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Alliant Starter AP83000 14352 15.00 Alliant Starter AP83000
$ 276.71
OEM Part #: F4TZ-11002A, F5TU11000AA/AB/AD Application: 94-03 Ford F-Series, E-Series and Excursion
Leece-Neville 230 Amp High Output Alternator AVI160T2002-2 16282 10.00 Leece-Neville 230 Amp High Output Alternator AVI160T2002-2
5 5 5
$ 349.95
Spec Value Item number AVI160T2002-2 Sales number A160202-2 Series number AVI160/T/P/J Notes DUAL INTERNAL FAN, I-LINE REGULATOR. INCLUDES EXTENDED MOUNTING BOLTS (3) AND WIRING HARNESS INCLUDES KIT REQUIRED TO REPLACE FORD 3G, 4G AND 6G ALTERNATORS (PRE-2008) EQUIPPED WITH I-LINE TYPE REGULATOR. SEE TECHNICAL BULLETINS BELOW. System voltage 12 Output 230 Mounting style T Dimensions in N/A Rotation BI-DIRECTIONAL Housing coating E-COAT UL Approved No Mounting holes 3 Positive stud M8 Negative stud M8 Rectifier location INTERNAL Regulator location Integral Regulator number R007520270 Cross Reference Numbers Company Part number DAIMLER LN AVI160T2002 2 FORD 23CU-10300-BB FORD 23CU-10300-CB FORD 2C3Z-10346-BB FORD 2C3Z-10346-CB FORD 3C3T-10300-AA FORD 3C3T-10300-AC FORD 3C3T-10300-BB FORD 3C3Z-10346-AA FORD 4C3T-10300-AA FORD 4C3T-10300-BA FORD 4C3T-10300-BB FORD 5C2T-10300-CA FORD 5C2Z-10346-CA FORD 5C3T-10300-BB FORD 5C3Z-10346-DA FORD 6C2T-10300-DA FORD 6C2Z-10346-CA FORD 6C2Z-10346-EA FORD 6C3T-10300-BA FORD 6C3Z-10346-BA FORD 6C3Z-10346-DA FORD 7C3T-10300-BB FORD F3UM-10300-AF FORD F3UU-10300-AF FORD F5UU-10300-BA FORD F5UU-10300-CA FORD F5UU-10300-EA FORD F5UZ-10346-CA FORD F6PZ-10346-LA FORD F6UU-10300-EA FORD F6UU-10300-EB FORD F81U-10300-CC FORD F81U-10300-CD FORD F81U-10300-DB FORD F81U-10300-DC FORD F81U-10300-DD FORD F81U-10300-DE FORD F81U-10300-EB FORD F81U-10300-ED FORD F81U-10300-GA FORD F81U-10300-GC FORD F81U10300-CE FORD F81Z-10346-CA FORD F81Z-10346-DA MOTORCRAFT GL360 MOTORCRAFT GL381 MOTORCRAFT GL410 MOTORCRAFT GL411 MOTORCRAFT GL504RM MOTORCRAFT GL530 MOTORCRAFT GL531 MOTORCRAFT GL551 MOTORCRAFT GL557 MOTORCRAFT GL569 MOTORCRAFT GL625 MOTORCRAFT GL626 MOTORCRAFT GL630 MOTORCRAFT GL635 MOTORCRAFT GL643 MOTORCRAFT GL644 MOTORCRAFT GL647 MOTORCRAFT GL648 MOTORCRAFT GL649
Mean Green Gear Reduction Starter 7300 7337 25.00 Mean Green Gear Reduction Starter 7300
4.273 5 11
$ 369.95
The Mean Green Gear Reduction Starter is the answer to all of your starter problems. The Mean Green Starter provides 100% more torque than an overweight stock starter. With a 4.4 to 1 gear reduction, roller bearing support, and an integrated solenoid, the Mean Green Starter can crank any engine no matter how high its static compression. Superior Design Easy Installation 1/3 Smaller Than Stock 100% More Cranking Power 300,000 Mile Life Expectancy No More Hot Start Problems 2 Year Unconditional Guarantee No Core Required The Mean Green Starter's 3" tool steel driveshaft is supported at both ends by bearings. The stainless steel pinion shaft is externally splined to mate with the larger diameter, internally splined driveshaft. Even the armature in the high-speed motor is supported at each end with bearings. All totaled, there are five bearings in the motor and gear assembly. That's one reason we include a 2-year Warranty at no charge on every starter, (Commercial and Racing applications carry a 1-year warranty). Another is the heat resistant, integrated solenoid which continues to operate even at extreme temperatures. Mean Green Starter's are compact in design to provide additional oil pan and header clearance. The starters for Ford and AMC/Jeep applications can be rotated in 20' increments to allow for better header clearance. The GM starters have dual bolt patterns for both the 12 3/4" (153 tooth) and 14" (168 tooth) flywheels.
Mean Green High Output Alternator 7796 7327 22.00 Mean Green High Output Alternator 7796
1.8 5 5
$ 369.95
The Mean Green High Output Alternator is the answer to all of your charging problems. The Mean Green Alternator provides up to 300% more power than stock. The Mean Green Alternator can charge any engine no matter what its' power requirements. Superior Design Easy 5 Minute Installation Up to 300% More Charging Power 300,000 Mile Life Expectancy No More Charging Problems 1 Year Unconditional Guarantee Precision Balanced for Smooth Operation 220 AMP Output No Core Required The Mean Green Alternator's tool steel rotorshaft is supported at both ends by heavy duty double sealed bearings. Even the heavy duty solid copper starter windings are sealed with high temperature insulation. That's one reason we include a 1 year Warranty at no charge on every alternator. Another is the heat resistant, multi-function integrated regulator which continues to operate even at extreme temperatures. Special new castings permit use of stock bracketry and bolt hole locations. Even the stock wiring harness can be used for easy plug in. Designed to out last and out perform any other unit. Great for use in ambulances, tow trucks, motorhomes or vehicles with off road lights, winches, stereo systems or other power accessories.
XDP Wrinkle Black Gear Reduction Starter XD253 34029 20.00 XDP Wrinkle Black Gear Reduction Starter XD253
$ 289.95
You can rely on the XDP Wrinkle Black Gear Reduction Starter XD253 to get your 1994-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke running in the most extreme environments. XDPs Gear Reduction Starters are faster, stronger, and more durable than your factory starter. This gives you the ability to turn over even the most aggressive diesel engines. XDP's Gear Reduction Starters feature a smaller motor that is faster, more efficient, and draws less amperage. The Gear Reduction Design produces more torque than a factory unit, at about a third of the size. This not only reduces weight, but also makes a more compact design for easier installation. Each starter comes pre-tested, ready for installation and features a durable "Wrinkle Black" finish for corrosion resistance and aesthetics. Includes adapter plate and mounting bolts. Features: Gear Reduction Design Wrinkle Black Finish Increased Durability Made In The USA! 1-Year Warranty Tech Notes: Depending on the conditions, a starter can pull up to 500 amps. These levels of amperage stress ALL components in the circuit including cables, terminals, batteries, and more. Problems with these components can be difficult to diagnose as they appear fine at rest and under a light load, but generate high resistance under heavy amperage draws. This results in low voltage to the starter while cranking, causing heavier amperage draw, and increased heat leading to starter failure. Batteries, cables and additional components should be checked and serviced regularly. Voltage measured at the starter during cranking should always be above 9.5V DC. Starter heat shields are not required, but are an excellent idea for heat protection.Warranty Info:Products manufactured by XDP carry a 1-Year warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship. The Warranty is Limited to one (1) year from the date of sale and limited solely to the parts contained within the product's kit. Click Here for full warranty policy.