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Aeromotive 15633 Fuel Pressure Gauge 32805 1.00 Aeromotive 15633 Fuel Pressure Gauge
$ 41.13
Monitor your fuel pressure with the Aeromotive 15633 Fuel Pressure Gauge. This gauge is ideal for use on your Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator, or it can be plumbed into your fuel system. Featuring a 0-100 PSI range, this liquid filled gauge is 1.5" in diameter and has an integral pressure relief valve. Features: 0-100 PSI Liquid-Filled 1.5" Diameter 1/8" NPT Threads Includes Integral Pressure Relief Valve
Auto Meter 6806 Pro-Comp 5" Diesel Tachometer 5973 4.00 Auto Meter 6806 Pro-Comp 5" Diesel Tachometer
$ 404.95
The Auto Meter 6806 Pro-Comp 5" Diesel Tachometer is specially designed for your competition built diesel truck. Featuring a unique sensor engineered to be mounted near the crank pulley which creates a signal from 4 machined grooves or 4 raised bolt heads to precisely monitor engine speed. The patented air core meter movement, wound in house to exacting standards, can move the needle from 0 - 6,000 rpm in just 333 milliseconds ensuring that you never have to worry that your engine is spinning faster than the tach. Included is a built-in memory recall to allow review of the highest RPM achieved on your last pass or hook. Built for a lifetime of service under the harshest conditions, this is the no compromise tach for no compromise builds. When youre ready for the best, there isnt another choice. Features: 5" 0-6,000 RPM Range Traditional Incandescent Lighting 12 and 16-Volt Compatible
Fuelab 71501 1.5" Fuel Pressure Gauge 30185 1.00 Fuelab 71501 1.5" Fuel Pressure Gauge
$ 24.87
The Fuelab 71501 Fuel Pressure Gauge is the perfect addition for checking fuel pressure on your regulator, fuel pump, or in-line fittings. Featuring a 0-120 PSI rating, and a 1.5" diameter white face, this gauge is perfect for mounting under the hood or in-line with your fuel system plumbing. Features: 0-120 PSI 1.5" Diameter White Face, Black Text 1/8" NPT - Direct Mount Design Note: Not for use in passenger or driver compartments. For outside vehicle or underhood use.
Pacbrake HP10010 Dual Needle Mechanical Air Pressure Gauge 31684 2.00 Pacbrake HP10010 Dual Needle Mechanical Air Pressure Gauge
$ 50.13
The Pacbrake HP10010 Dual Needle Mechanical Air Pressure Gauge is a perfect way to keep an eye on the pressure in your Air Springs. The Dual Needle design allows for a dual input that shows pressure from two different sources. Air pressures are shown from 0 psi to 150 psi in 10 psi increments - numeric marking at 0, 50, 100 and 150 PSI. Features: 2-1/16" Gauge Black Bezel, White Dial Face Dual Input Design (Dual Needle)
PPE 517010000 Pyrometer (Exhaust Gas Temperature) Gauge 3889 2.00 PPE 517010000 Pyrometer (Exhaust Gas Temperature) Gauge
5 5 1
$ 170.99
Keeping your diesel engine within proper exhaust gas temperature (EGT) parameters is vitally important to ensuring the proper operation and health of your truck. PPEs Pyrometer Gauge quickly shows just how hot your truck really is. This information aids in programming fuel delivery so you can get the most power out of your diesel without damaging it in the process. The full sweep design measures temperatures from 0 all the way to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The easy to read white numbers on the black background highlight the OEM style red pointer. Features: White numbers on black face with OEM style red needle Black bezel Dimmable white LED illumination Full sweep design measures from 0 to 2,000 degrees Includes; EGT extension harness, EGT probe and bracket

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