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Banks Power Techni-Cooler Intercooler system 25978 1946 120.00 Banks Power Techni-Cooler Intercooler system 25978
$ 1399
Superior to stock, everything about Banks Techni-Cooler Intercooler system is bigger: the mandrel-bent 3" high-flow boost tubes the large, high-efficiency all-aluminum end tanks the wide-open inlet and outlet and the 25% larger core area with a whopping 34% improvement in volume.Techni-Cooler dramatically increases the cooling capacity by balancing the richer fuel mixture with greater airflow and cooler, denser air. Denser air has more oxygen, which improves combustion as well as engine efficiency. Result: higher continuous power and more power at any exhaust gas temp (EGT), better fuel economy and lower EGTs. That's a truckload of benefits! Banks Techni-Cooler delivers the maximum reduction in boost air temperature with a minimal loss of boost pressure. It doesn't get any cooler than Techni-Cooler! Mounting hardware included.Note: Banks Techni-Cooler comes with an all black appearance. Banks logo is for display purposes only.2-Year Ltd Warranty
BD-Power 1042600 Cool-It Intercooler 4108 62.00 BD-Power 1042600 Cool-It Intercooler
1.5 5 2
$ 1207.5
The BD-Power 1042600 Cool-It Intercooler is designed with streamlined external air passages improves engine cooling while offering less fan noise and less blade resistance, plus, improving engine power and efficiency of the radiator and air conditioning heat exchangers. Designed through testing at 100+ psi turbo boost pressure and 500F turbo outlet temperatures, our extra thick cast end tanks with support struts have integrity and long life without ballooning and cracking. Stuffed Tube designs are commonly used on stock applications with boost pressures of 20-40 psi and 200-300F inlet temperatures. The tubes have a thin wall and 82% heat conductivity transfer. Higher boost pressures and temperatures will cause breaking of fin-to-wall welds resulting in tubes ballooning and reduced heat transfer. Micro Extruded Tube design is for applications producing 20-100 psi of boost pressure and inlet temperatures of 500F+. The tubes have a 0.025 wall thickness and designed enhanced inner fins that add to performance and already strong support structure resulting in a 95% heat conductivity transfer. No cracking or separation occurred when tested at over 400 psi. The lower the turbo boost pressure drop across the CAC (inlet vs. outlet) the higher the volume flow the more volume of air that can flow through the CAC and the higher the turbo boost pressure will result in lower exhaust gas temperatures (EGT). BDs Cool-It CACs are designed for performance diesel engines. Features: Extruded Tube Design Extra Thick Cast End Tanks Includes Everything Needed For Installation Includes: Intercooler, Mounting Hardware and Instructions
CSF 6007 OEM+ Replacement Intercooler 27713 50.00 CSF 6007 OEM+ Replacement Intercooler
$ 312.86
The CSF 6007 OEM+ Replacement Intercooler is manufactured from the highest quality components to provide you with the best aftermarket OE replacement intercooler available for your 2001-2005 GM 6.6L Duramax LB7/LLY. CSF is an ISO certified cooling system manufacturer with many OEM customers around the world. CSF is also known as an industry leader in automotive cooling for both OE and the performance aftermarket. Each CSF OEM+ Intercooler is built with cast aluminum end tanks for a higher level of durability, reliability and burst pressure capabilities. Featuring a 100% TIG welded construction with an OEM style tube/fin core that matches or exceeds the performance of the OEM Intercooler. Designed to be a true "Drop-in Fit" that requires no modifications to install, this intercooler will work with all OEM components including OEM hoses, brackets, and mounting points. Features: Upgraded OE Design Drop-In Installation Includes 1-Year Warranty
CSF 7103 Heavy-Duty Intercooler 27699 50.00 CSF 7103 Heavy-Duty Intercooler
$ 899
The CSF 7103 Heavy-Duty Intercooler is manufactured to provide durability and performance on your 2001-2005 GM 6.6L Duramax. This heavy duty Intercooler is built using a bar and plate design with industry leading testing methods to maximize airflow and heat dissipation. These techniques allow CSF to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to Intercooler technology. Designed with OEM specifications in mind, this upgraded intercooler features a more durable construction but still retains use of all factory hardware, mounting and components. Durable Construction: Each CSF Heavy-Duty Intercooler is built with a durable bar and plate design with a 100% TIG welded construction. This provides durability, reliability and allows CSF Intercoolers to withstand extreme burst pressures. Drop-In Fit Designed to be a bolt-in installation, the CSF Heavy-Duty Intercoolers require no additional modifications for installation. They are designed to work with ALL OEM components including OEM hoses, brackets and mounting points. Tested For Quality Featuring a 100% TIG welded construction, each intercooler is pressure tested and rated at over 120 PSI. Trusted performance and reliability from an industry leader with over 30 million cooling systems sold worldwide. Before shipping, each product is individually tested and serial # certified. Comes complete with a 2-year warranty. Features: Heavy-Duty Upgrade Drop-In, Bolt-In Replacement Durable Bar and Plate Construction Pressure Tested and Rated At Over 120 PSI
DEI Cry02 Intercooler Sprayer Kit 080108 12062 20.00 DEI Cry02 Intercooler Sprayer Kit 080108
$ 386.8
The DEI Cry02 Intercooler Sprayer Kit 080108 is a revolutionary product designed to reduce air and fuel temperatures thus creating power. Through the science of aerodynamics and cryogenics, Design Engineering has developed a system to harness the cryogenic properties of liquid CO2 to lower the intake charge temperature by up to 50°F. The system is modular and can be easily expanded. The CryO2 system provides two methods for cooling the air charge and one for cooling fuel, all utilizing the same burst of liquid CO2. CO2 is readily available at any welding or medical supply locations or where paintball guns are charged. The Power of COOL - Welcome to the future of power. The CryO2 Intercooler Sprayer Kit includes everything needed to enhance the intercoolers thermal transfer ability and improve its efficiency by as much as 50%.Features:Straight Forward Easy Bolt On InstallationCO2 is Less Expensive to Refill Than NitrousLowers Air Temperatures By As Much As 35%Enhances Intercooler Thermal Transfer AbilityImproves Intercooler Efficiency By As Much As 50%Non-Invasive System - Ability to Run More Boost SafelyKit Includes: 10 lb. tank and bracketsCryogenic solenoid valve14 ft. stainless steel braided supply lineArming, activation, and WOT switchesAll necessary CO2 fittings and electrical hardware16 x 5 front-mount intercooler sprayer and hardware
DEI Cry02 Intercooler Water Sprayer Kit 080140 12067 1.00 DEI Cry02 Intercooler Water Sprayer Kit 080140
$ 70
The DEI CryO2 Intercooler Water Sprayer Kit 080140 was designed to be used by itself or in conjunction with DEIs CryO2 Intercooler Sprayers as a way to supercool intercoolers. By misting an intercoolers surface with the Water Sprayer and then venting CO2 on the cooling fins, the intercooler is further chilled resulting in a cooler denser intake charge enhancing a vehicles performance for extended periods of time.Each CryO2 Intercooler Water Sprayer Kit comes complete with reservoir, mounting hardware, flexible hose lines, wiring, push button activation switch, nozzle tubes, connectors and installation instructions.Features:1.25 Quart CapacityLight Weight ConstructionComplete Kit Includes All Hardware and InstructionsCan Be Used With Or Without Our CryO2 Intercooler SprayersUniversal Kit Designed For All Air to Air Intercoolers and Heat Exchangers
Mishimoto MMINT-DMAX-01 Intercooler 17809 25.00 Mishimoto MMINT-DMAX-01 Intercooler
$ 987.95
Mishimoto has released a performance intercooler for the 2001-2005 Chevrolet/GMC 6.6L Duramax. A high-performance diesel engine requires a cool, dense charge of air to reach its full power potential. Upgrade your factory intercooler to the Mishimoto all-aluminum intercooler engineered to maximize the efficiency of your Duramax. The Mishimoto Duramax intercooler is built to last, with heavy-duty cast aluminum end tanks and a bar-and-plate core, allowing for increased airflow and cooler intake temperatures. The Mishimoto Duramax intercooler features a significantly larger core than the factory unit and is designed to support substantial boost pressures and lower EGTs, both highly advantageous on your stock or modified 6.6L. Offered in black or silver, the Mishimoto 6.6L Duramax intercooler is protected by our signature lifetime warranty. Features: High Quality Aluminum Increased power and cooling efficiency Specifications: Construction: Bar/Plate Overall Size: 45.6" x 23.4" x 8.2" Core Size: 38.27" x 18.86" Inlet: 3.00" (76mm) Outlet: 3.00" (76mm) Core Thickness: 2.05" Tank Wall Thickness: 4mm Warranty: Mishimoto Performance (MP), warrants all of its products under its 'no questions asked' limited lifetime warranty policy. Regardless of the defect in product, Mishimoto will replace the original product. Warranty claims must be accompanied by the original sales receipt from an authorized dealer. A trained professional should install all MP products. Any issues with compatibility or installation should be addressed before attempting to install the product.The purchaser's remedy for breach of this limited warranty, exclusive of all other remedies provided by law, is expressly limited to repair or replacement of any part or parts. All products returned for warranty consideration must be returned to MP with all transportation expenses prepaid. MP shall not be responsible for damages to its products or injury to persons using the products in any manner that would constitute improper operation, including but not limited to: incorrect opening of radiator pressure caps, burst hoses, unintended application or usage not intended by MP, negligence, improper installation, or any other use that may cause damages or injury. MP shall not be responsible for injury or harm to persons or property when caused by persons or vehicles using its products. Accident Protection Mishimoto, under its no questions asked warranty policy, will provide a warranty for all claims including vehicles involved in accidents. Warranty claims must include pictures of the accident and an official police report, and must be within three months of the accident. For all warranty claims, please contact Mishimoto.
Turbonetics Torque-Master Intercooler Upgrade #2-486 2034 60.00 Turbonetics Torque-Master Intercooler Upgrade #2-486
5 5 1
$ 1168.75
A popular item for the masses is the larger Spearco Intercooler. Featuring a bar and plate design, the Spearco intercooler offers approximately 50% more volume for charge air-cooling. In addition to better charge air-cooling, which adds horsepower and torque, the all welded aluminum construction adds reliability, particularly over some of the plastic end tanks starting to be used by some manufacturers. Lowering the intake temperature has a dramatic effect on reducing exhaust gas temps. We know you want to pull longer, steeper, and heavier and having the very best intercooler makes it possible. For every degree the intake temp is lowered, just as much exhaust gas temperature can be reduced. For example, if you bolt-on a Spearco Intercooler and drop intake temps by 150 degrees, then you can reduce EGT's by 150 degrees. When you turn the boost up, or decide to bolt up one of the Torque-Master Turbo Upgrades you can pull and tow hard knowing that the Spearco Intercooler upgrades provide the most efficient W.A.V.E. Technology core and lowest pressure drop on the market today. Additional InformationInstall Sheet
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