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XDP offers stock replacement components and performance upgrades from hundreds of the top manufacturers. Whether you’re staying on the road or hitting the trails, XDP has the parts and accessories your Jeep needs to perform its best with product offerings like:

  • Air Intake Systems
  • Performance Modules
  • Exhaust Systems & Components
  • Emissions Sensors & Components
  • Suspension Load Supports
  • Belt & Accessory Drive
  • Engine Oil Filters
  • Fuel Filters
  • Engine Sensors
  • Turbochargers
  • EGR Coolers

In 2005 Jeep introduced the first diesel engine option to their lineup with the 2.8L CRD in the Jeep Liberty. This inline 4-cylinder diesel engine was manufactured by VM Motori and was used in many European vehicles. Like many modern diesel engines, the 2.8L CRD engine utilized a high-pressure common-rail fuel system for improved fuel efficiency. This led to the introduction of a diesel engine option in the Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2007. The Grand Cherokee was powered by a 3.0L V6 engine manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. This turbocharged V6 engine also used a high-pressure common-rail injection system with piezo-electric fuel injectors. After the 2008 model year, Jeep removed the diesel engine options from their lineup. In 2014, following a 6 year hiatus, Jeep introduced the 3.0L V6 Eco Diesel engine into the Grand Cherokee. This engine utilized a Bosch CP4.2 injection pump and was fitted with a variable-geometry turbocharger. In 2020 Jeep offered the same diesel engine for the Wrangler JL then the Gladiator JT in 2021.

The main benefit of offering a diesel engine in these Jeep applications was the improved fuel economy over the gasoline options especially while towing. Diesel engines can maintain peak torque throughout the RPM range which is a major factor in delivering superior fuel efficiency and drivability while towing. All of the diesel engines Jeep has offered were built with similar components found in heavy-duty diesel applications which ensured durability and longevity. XDP continues to work with aftermarket manufacturers to provide you with the parts your diesel-powered Jeep needs. From routine maintenance products to major engine components, XDP has you covered.