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Dorman 904-310 Glow Plug Module 29381 1.00 Dorman 904-310 Glow Plug Module
$ 163.95
The Dorman 904-310 Glow Plug Module is an essential replacement item, Dormans Diesel Glow Plug Controller properly heats the vehicles glow plugs, ensuring that your diesel engine starts smoothly and reliably in cold weather. The Controller is engineered from high-quality materials for long-lasting durability. Features: Direct Fit Plug and Play Repair Cross Reference Numbers: Chrysler Part#: 5175759AB, 68013182AA, 68013182AB, 68013182AC Mercedes-Benz Part#: 6421532079, 6429002800, 6429005801 Applications: 2009-2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500/3500 V6 3.0L (2987cc) w/Steel Glow Plugs. 2005-2009 Mercedes-BenzE320 L6 3.2L (3222cc) 2007-2008 Mercedes-BenzR320 V6 3.0L (2987cc) 2007-2008 Mercedes-Benz GL320 V6 3.0L (2987cc) 2007-2009 Dodge Sprinter 2500/3500 V6 3.0L (2987cc); DIESEL 2007-2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 182 3.0L (2985cc); DIESEL 2008 Mercedes-Benz GL320 V6 3.0L (2987cc) 2007-2008 Mercedes-Benz ML320 V6 3.0L (2987cc)
Dorman 917-726 Engine Camshaft Position Sensor 29505 1.00 Dorman 917-726 Engine Camshaft Position Sensor
$ 105.82
The Dorman 917-726 Engine Camshaft Position Sensor is a direct fit for your 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0L and 2003-2005 Dodge Sprinter 2.7L. Engine Camshaft Position Sensors are used by the engine control module to synchronize the pulsing of sequential fuel injectors so they match the firing order of the engine. Dorman's sensor electronics are sealed to resist fluid damage and corrosion. Features: Direct Replacement Durable Plastic Construction Replaces Chrysler OE Part#: 5080346AA
EZ Oil Drain Valve EZ-106G 30285 1.00 EZ Oil Drain Valve EZ-106G
$ 23.95
The EZ Oil Drain Valve EZ-106G eliminates the hassle and mess of draining the oil in your 2007-2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0L. The EZ Oil Drain Valve replaces the standard oil drain plug, making oil changes easier, saving valuable time and expenses. With just the push of a lever, you can easily change your engine oil without the mess! The EZ Oil Drain Valve is Constructed from corrosion-resistant forged brass, stainless steel, and a nickel-plated coating. Built to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environmental factors such as salt, water, oil, chemicals... etc the EZ Oil Drain Valve is proven solid and will outlast your engine. With a complete length of only about 7/8" long, this valve only extends out a 1/2 more than the standard plug head from the oil pan. Will my EZ Oil Drain Valve open up on the road? No. The valve's effective locking system requires a double action mechanism to open it, this prevents any accidental openings. Unlike spring loaded gate valves, the heavy duty ball valve construction will withstand any engine vibration. In extreme conditions such as off-road, logging and agricultural applications (corn fields, brush areas..etc), you can add a "hose clip" around the body of the valve right above the lever (not included). This will provide additional safety and security. A typical hose clip can be purchased at any hardware store and will keep the level in the closed and locked position at all times. To keep things even cleaner during routine maintenance, the EZ Oil Drain Valve can be used with the optional Hose Ends (sold separately, see related items below). The Hose Ends easily screw into the valve body allowing you to attach a hose to the valve for convenience and cleanliness. Features: M14-1.5 No Mess Oil Changes No Need To Be Removed - Eliminates Stripped Pans Double Action Mechanism - No Accidental Openings Forged Brass, Stainless Steel and Nickel Plated - Will Outlast Your Engine
Mishimoto Black Oil Catch Can MMOCC-RB 13053 5.00 Mishimoto Black Oil Catch Can MMOCC-RB
1 5 1
$ 97.95
Mishimoto has developed an oil catch can to make sure youre getting the most out of your performance parts. Over time harmful oil will build up inside the turbocharger, intake manifold, intercooler and piping. A Mishimoto Oil Catch Can will prevent this from happening while its all black finish will add a touch of style to your engine bay. An oil catch can serves other important purposes as well. It will prevent oil from getting into pressurized turbo plumbing, which can lead to couplers coming off under boost. Oil vapors can get into the intake system which will lower combustion temperatures and reduce overall efficiency. A Mishimoto Oil Catch Can will solve all these problems and give you the added security knowing that your performance parts are safe from harmful oil. Includes: Black Oil Catch Can 4 O-Ring Clamps Mounting Bracket and Hardware Hoses and Hardware Magnetic Plug Tech Specs: Diameter - 3.25" Can Height - 5" Overall Height - 6" Inlet/Outlet - 9/16" (14.5mm) Fluid Capacity - 16oz.
Shibby Engineering CCVCRD CCV Plug 17155 1.00 Shibby Engineering CCVCRD CCV Plug
$ 22.5
The Shibby Engineering Crank Case Vent (CCV) plug is installed when the factory CCV is re-routed. Features: Tight Tolerances For A Precise Fit For Use With "Elephant Hose" and Other CCV Mods
Shibby Engineering SMRP Swirl Motor Sim Plug 17158 1.00 Shibby Engineering SMRP Swirl Motor Sim Plug
$ 31.25
Crank Case Ventilation (CCV) oil will commonly destroy the "Swirl" motor found in the 3.0L V6 Mercedes CRD. The Shibby Engineering plug-in simulator will simulate normal operation of the "Swirl" motor without having to replace the entire assembly. Features: Simulates "Normal" Operation of "Swirl" MotorLow Cost Solution to an Expensive ProblemPlug-In Simulator