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ARP Head Stud Kit 204-4706 12119 3.00 ARP Head Stud Kit 204-4706
5 5 1
$ 157.99
ARP Head stud kit for 1982-2002 VW/Audi 1.6L and 1.9L Turbo and Non-Turbo diesel applications. The applications covered by this listing include the following engine codes: 1.6L (CR/JK/JP/JR/ME/RA/SB/1V/SV/CY) 1.9L (AGP/AGR/AHF/ALH/AQM/ASV/AAZ/AEY/AFN/AHU/ALE/AVG/AHH/AKW/AEF/AGD/ASX/ASY/AYQ/1Y/1Z) Part No. 204-4706 - includes a set of ten ARP2000 head studs, ten parallel ground washers, ten 8740 chrome-moly steel 12 pt nuts and a 1/2 oz. pack of ARP Ultra-Torque fastener assembly lubricant. All Pro Series ARP2000 studs are centerless ground, heat treated prior to thread rolling and machining, and are nominally rated at 220,000 psi. These fasteners deliver a 45% increase in tensile strength over the OEM Torque To Yield (TTY) head bolts.
Diesel Rx DRX00059 Glow Plug 16248 1.00 Diesel Rx DRX00059 Glow Plug
$ 9.99
The Diesel Rx DRX00059 Glow Plug for your 1997-2003 Volkswagen 1.9L TDI is precisely engineered and built in the U.S.A. As a direct replacement for your factory glow plugs, these units are designed and tested to the most stringent standards. This allows for faster start up while optimum temperatures are quickly reached. Product may differ from image.Features:Precision Engineered Made In The USA Reaches High Temps. Quickly For Fast Start-UpSuperior Electrical Insulation High Thermal Conductivity1-Year WarrantyCross Reference:AC Delco: 110GAutolite: 1116Beru: 0100226227Bosch: 0250202022Champion: 192/CH271NGK: 5909, Y-732JVolkswagen: N10140101, N10140102, N10140103, N10140104, N10140105
Diesel RX DRX00069 Glow Plug 80081 1.00 Diesel RX DRX00069 Glow Plug
$ 8.99
The Diesel RX DRX00069 is a great replacement for the warn out glow plugs in your vehicle. This dual coil, self regulating glow plug allows your equipment to start safe, fast, and reliably. Features:Made In The USAPrecision EngineeredHigh Thermal ConductivitySuperior Electrical InsulationReaches High Temps Quickly For Fast Starting1 Year WarrantyApplications: 1997 Volkswagen 1.9L Vehicle Fitment YEARMAKEMODELENGINE 1982-1984Audi40001.6L 1982-1984Audi4000CS1.6L 1982-1984Audi4000S1.6L 1979-1985Audi50002.0L 1980-1985Audi5000S2.0L 1980-1985Audi5000S Quattro2.0L 1985-1986BMW500 Series2.4L 1981-1984Nissan9102.8L 1981-1984NissanMaxima2.8L 1986-1987VolkswagenCabriolet1.6L 1979-1980VolkswagenDasher1.5L 1981VolkswagenDasher1.6L 1985-1992VolkswagenGolf1.6L 1993-1996VolkswagenGolf1.9L 1981-1992VolkswagenJetta1.6L 1993-1997VolkswagenJetta1.9L 1992-1996VolkswagenPassat1.9L 1982-1985VolkswagenQuantum1.6L 1982-1985VolkswagenQuantum Syncro1.6L 1977-1980VolkswagenRabbit1.5L 1981-1984VolkswagenRabbit1.6L 1981-1983VolkswagenRabbit Pickup1.6L 1981VolkswagenRabbit Westmoreland1.6L 1992-1996VolkswagenSyncro1.9L 1981-1985VolkswagenVanagon1.6L 1983-1985Volvo240 Series2.4L 1985Volvo740 Series2.4L 1983-1985Volvo760 Series2.4L
Dorman 917-071 Oil Filter Cap 29478 1.00 Dorman 917-071 Oil Filter Cap
$ 25.95
The Dorman 917-071 Oil Filter Cap for your 1998-2006 Volkswagen 1.9L TDI is conveniently designed as a direct replacement and in some cases, an improved design for increased longevity. A proper fit is ensured, every time. Features: High Quality Construction For Long Life Replaces Volkswagen Part#: 038115433 Built To Strict Engineering Standards Applications: 1998 Volkswagen Jetta/Beetle 1.9L TDI 1999-2003 Volkswagen Jetta/Beetle/Golf 1.9L TDI 2004-2006 Volkswagen Jetta/Beetle/Golf/Passat 1.9L TDI
Dorman 917-305 Engine Oil Dipstick 29450 2.00 Dorman 917-305 Engine Oil Dipstick
$ 10.02
The Dorman 917-305 Engine Oil Dipstick is a direct replacement for your old damaged dipstick tube. Dormans Tube is engineered from high-quality materials to protect against the possibility of leaks. Its plastic or metal construction ensures long-lasting durability and helps facilitate easy oil checks and changes. Features: Direct Fit Durable Construction Replaces Volkswagen Part#: 038103663, 38103663 Application Notes: Fits 1.9L ALH Enging. Jetta, Beetle, Golf.
Mahle OX 188D ECO Oil Filter 27941 1.00 Mahle OX 188D ECO Oil Filter
$ 9.09
The Mahle OX 188D ECO Oil Filter is a riect replacement for the factory filter in your 2005+ Volkswagen TDI 1.9L and 2.0L. The "Global Star" within the MAHLE Aftermarket brand portfolio. The brand MAHLE stands for engine parts and filters of uncompromising quality - in original equipment and aftermarket. This filter is designed to meet or exceed factory specifications. This filter replaces OE Volkswagen Part#'s: 045115466, 045115389, 045115466A, 045115466B, 045115466C, 045115562, 070115562, 071115405, 071115466, 071115562, 071115562A, 071115562C Features: Replacement Oil Filter Meets Or Exceeds Factory Specs Fits CJAA, BRM, CBEA, Engines (See Applications Below) Specifications: Shape: 2438 Inner Diameter: 16.0 mm, 28.6 mm Height: 92.5 mm Overall Height: 140.7 mm Outer Diameter: 71.5 mm Gasket: 48.5 mm Applications: 2009-2013 Audi A3 2.0L TDI 2010-2013 Golf 2.0L TDI CJAA Engine 2005-2006 Jetta 1.9L TDI BRM Engine 2009-2010 Jetta 2.0L TDI CBEA/CJAA Engine 2011-2013 Jetta 2.0L TDI CJAA Engine 2009-2013 Sportwagen 2.0L TDI CBEA/CJAA Engine
Mishimoto Black Oil Catch Can MMOCC-RB 13053 5.00 Mishimoto Black Oil Catch Can MMOCC-RB
1 5 1
$ 97.95
Mishimoto has developed an oil catch can to make sure youre getting the most out of your performance parts. Over time harmful oil will build up inside the turbocharger, intake manifold, intercooler and piping. A Mishimoto Oil Catch Can will prevent this from happening while its all black finish will add a touch of style to your engine bay. An oil catch can serves other important purposes as well. It will prevent oil from getting into pressurized turbo plumbing, which can lead to couplers coming off under boost. Oil vapors can get into the intake system which will lower combustion temperatures and reduce overall efficiency. A Mishimoto Oil Catch Can will solve all these problems and give you the added security knowing that your performance parts are safe from harmful oil. Includes: Black Oil Catch Can 4 O-Ring Clamps Mounting Bracket and Hardware Hoses and Hardware Magnetic Plug Tech Specs: Diameter - 3.25" Can Height - 5" Overall Height - 6" Inlet/Outlet - 9/16" (14.5mm) Fluid Capacity - 16oz.