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Leece-Neville 230 Amp High Output Alternator AVI160T2001 34319 10.00 Leece-Neville 230 Amp High Output Alternator AVI160T2001
$ 349.95
Upgrade the charging system in your 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke with the Leece-Neville 230 Amp High Output Alternator AVI160T2001 (A160201). Rated for 230 amps, this alternator features a bi-directional rotation and is for Ford 6G applications 2008 and newer. Features:230 AMP, 12/14 Volt E-Coat Corrosion Resistance For Diesel and Gasoline Engines 125 Degree Celsius High-Temp RatedIncludes Extended Mounting BoltsApplications:2008+ Ford 6.4L F-Series Super Duty Base Model - Alternator Type Denso SC1 2008+ Ford 6.4L F-Series Super Duty Upgrade - Alternator Type Denso SC52008+ Ford 6.4L F-Series Super Duty Dual Alternator - Alternator Type Denso SC5
Leece-Neville 230 Amp High Output Alternator AVI160T2002-2 16282 10.00 Leece-Neville 230 Amp High Output Alternator AVI160T2002-2
5 5 5
$ 349.95
Spec Value Item number AVI160T2002-2 Sales number A160202-2 Series number AVI160/T/P/J Notes DUAL INTERNAL FAN, I-LINE REGULATOR. INCLUDES EXTENDED MOUNTING BOLTS (3) AND WIRING HARNESS INCLUDES KIT REQUIRED TO REPLACE FORD 3G, 4G AND 6G ALTERNATORS (PRE-2008) EQUIPPED WITH I-LINE TYPE REGULATOR. SEE TECHNICAL BULLETINS BELOW. System voltage 12 Output 230 Mounting style T Dimensions in N/A Rotation BI-DIRECTIONAL Housing coating E-COAT UL Approved No Mounting holes 3 Positive stud M8 Negative stud M8 Rectifier location INTERNAL Regulator location Integral Regulator number R007520270 Cross Reference Numbers Company Part number DAIMLER LN AVI160T2002 2 FORD 23CU-10300-BB FORD 23CU-10300-CB FORD 2C3Z-10346-BB FORD 2C3Z-10346-CB FORD 3C3T-10300-AA FORD 3C3T-10300-AC FORD 3C3T-10300-BB FORD 3C3Z-10346-AA FORD 4C3T-10300-AA FORD 4C3T-10300-BA FORD 4C3T-10300-BB FORD 5C2T-10300-CA FORD 5C2Z-10346-CA FORD 5C3T-10300-BB FORD 5C3Z-10346-DA FORD 6C2T-10300-DA FORD 6C2Z-10346-CA FORD 6C2Z-10346-EA FORD 6C3T-10300-BA FORD 6C3Z-10346-BA FORD 6C3Z-10346-DA FORD 7C3T-10300-BB FORD F3UM-10300-AF FORD F3UU-10300-AF FORD F5UU-10300-BA FORD F5UU-10300-CA FORD F5UU-10300-EA FORD F5UZ-10346-CA FORD F6PZ-10346-LA FORD F6UU-10300-EA FORD F6UU-10300-EB FORD F81U-10300-CC FORD F81U-10300-CD FORD F81U-10300-DB FORD F81U-10300-DC FORD F81U-10300-DD FORD F81U-10300-DE FORD F81U-10300-EB FORD F81U-10300-ED FORD F81U-10300-GA FORD F81U-10300-GC FORD F81U10300-CE FORD F81Z-10346-CA FORD F81Z-10346-DA MOTORCRAFT GL360 MOTORCRAFT GL381 MOTORCRAFT GL410 MOTORCRAFT GL411 MOTORCRAFT GL504RM MOTORCRAFT GL530 MOTORCRAFT GL531 MOTORCRAFT GL551 MOTORCRAFT GL557 MOTORCRAFT GL569 MOTORCRAFT GL625 MOTORCRAFT GL626 MOTORCRAFT GL630 MOTORCRAFT GL635 MOTORCRAFT GL643 MOTORCRAFT GL644 MOTORCRAFT GL647 MOTORCRAFT GL648 MOTORCRAFT GL649
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