XDP Black Anodized Diesel Fuel Tank Sump - No Tank Drop Install XD131

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Universal - Most Diesel Fuel Tanks (Cutting Required)
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The XDP Fuel Sump is designed to eliminate the typical ¼ tank issues associated with the in-tank draw straws typically used with Air Dog & FASS fuel pumps. Originally designed for better diesel fuel delivery, the XDP Fuel Sump fastens to the bottom of the tank and dramatically increases volume to the fuel pump by allowing you to get every drop of fuel out of the tank.

The XDP Fuel Sump is the only unit on the market to feature a single piece horseshoe shape internal ring allowing for a no tank drop installation. This XDP exclusive feature allows for a faster and simpler installation. (special attention must be made to ensure all debris is cleaned from the tank after drilling)


  • No tank drop installation cuts installation time
  • Opening to allow fuel to flow freely into the sump
  • Made from Aircraft grade T6 billet aluminum
  • Precision CNC machining technology for a perfect fit
  • Works great with stock or aftermarket fuel tanks

The XDP Fuel Sump is beneficial to all trucks including stock daily drivers, mild street modifications, drag racing applications, and even sled-pulling.

NOTE: Not recommended for off-road applications or for vehicles with potential ground clearance issues.

• (1) Black Anodized XDP Fuel Sump
• (1) Internal Billet Aluminum Horseshoe Shaped Ring
• (1) Pre-formed rubber Buna Gasket
• High grade stainless-steel hardware
• Nylon Washers
• Barbed Fuel Line Fitting

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Sump results
Chris (Coal Township, PA) 12/17/2014 12:42 AM
I purchased this pump (on cyber Monday for a great price) after deciding it would be easier than a draw straw application. It was installed along with an Airdog II 150 so I cant be sure of any additional fueling benefits, however, There will be no need to worry about 1/4 tank issues and alleviated having to drop the tank for the Airdog II install, plus insured a full 1/2 line from tank to the VP. I'm pleased with the purchase. Thank you XDP
XDP Fuel Sump Install Review
Nathan Parsell (Memphis TN) 6/9/2012 4:58 PM
The XDP sump is really well built with no rough edges. The black coating all looked good and it came with stainless steel hardware. The instructions were VERY good and had A LOT of pictures, but in all reality they are overkill and this isnt really a complicated install IMO. I should NOTE here that XDP calls this a "no tank drop" sump; but IMO, you are an idiot to not drop the tank or pull the bed so you can remove the sending unit to gain access to the tank to clean out all of the debris that gets in the tank from drilling to install the sump (as you will read about here shortly). I found the install of this sump to actually be kind of a PITA and more difficult than I thought it should have been. It wasn't that there was some mysterious trick that had to be done but that I had to actually drill out the bolt holes on the sump by 1/64th of an inch to get the 1/4in bolts to even be able to slide though the holes. Also as the instructions recommended 1/4in holes, I found that the extra 64th of an inch really helped out in allowing the bolts to align straight enough to thread into the sump retainer inside the tank. Well as you can imagine, I did A LOT of drilling and the aluminum and plastic shavings get everywhere. Nevertheless, since the tank was out and on my garage floor, it was easy just to wipe everything back up and call it good. The sump comes with a rubber gasket to seal around each bolt but XDP recommends also using some silicone sealant to ensure everything seals up nice. I used some Permatex Formula No. 2 sealant that is resistant to oil, gasoline, and other fuels; and it stays pliable and doesn't harden. So far with about 7 gallons of fuel in the tank, everything seems to be sealed just fine. The XDP sump is a very high quality piece but I really didnt like that the bolt holes were so small that I couldnt get the supplied bolts to pass through and even though it says it is a "no tank drop" sump, I would highly recommend it to be safe.
dan (gillette, Wy) 3/16/2012 2:48 PM
installed after putting a fass 220 on on 2000 7.3l. had the problume of no fuel pressure at a 1/4 tank and would loose fuel pressure under hard exceleration or towing with my chip turned up. this product took care of everything and was able to pick my fuel millage back up aswell. the installation went quite well couldnt ask for a more simpler set up. i did have to drop my fuel tank to disconnect my fuel lines to fass pump. love it!!!!!
Josh Tredway (Smyrna, GA) 12/12/2011 11:57 AM
My girlfriend bought this for me as a request for my anniversary gift. The truck is an 04 F250 w/ 6.0. I have 225cc hypermax inj w/ airdog and regulate return. Previous the sump install I suffered from 1/4 tank issues and low fuel pressure if I went WOT. (from 70 down to 45ish). Everyone pointed me into the factory draw straw being too small and the ADII having to siphon and push fuel. Upon installing the XDP Fuel Sump, (I decided to drop the tank and clean it as well) my tank was pretty much clean even at 200k miles, I was less than 1/4 tank when I refilled with the fuel that was in the tank before draining it... Low and behold no more 1/4 tank fuel slosh starvation-hooray and this morning going to work I went WOT hard on the hwy. Fuel pressure dropped from 70 to 60 then immediately went to 65 and held solid and strong. Great product, does its intended purpose. Ease of install about medium bc I dropped the tank. Def recommending to other diesel guys.