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Lucas Oil 10063 TB Zinc Plus Engine Break-In Oil Additive 40629 13.00 Lucas Oil 10063 TB Zinc Plus Engine Break-In Oil Additive
$ 12.99
Protect your valve train and camshaft during break-in with Lucas Oil 10063 TB Zinc Plus Engine Break-In Oil Additive. The exclusive blend of extreme pressure additives provides a more efficient break-in of engines and can be used in any motor oil to increase zinc levels which prevents premature wear. Features: 16 oz. Bottle Extreme Pressure Additives Compatible With Any Motor Oil Increases Zinc Levels Protects Valve Train More Efficient Engine Break-In Application Notes: Add 1 bottle upon initial break-in. For maximum protection, use 1 full bottle with each oil change.Only for use with performance valvetrain upgrades, not for use on regular passenger cars.
Lucas Oil 10130 Synthetic Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer 40621 25.00 Lucas Oil 10130 Synthetic Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer
$ 13.99
Control the heat and wear in your synthetic required engine or equipment with the Lucas Oil 10130 synthetic Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer. Composed of synthetic oil, this stabilizer reduces friction in heavy duty and high performance engines, transmissions, and differentials. Great for controlling heat in motorcycle engines and drive train components. Features: 1 qt. Bottle For synthetic Oils Reduces Friction and Heat Eliminates Dry Start-Ups Increases Oil Life Note: Use 20% of Lucas Stabilizer for the system capacity. Example: Use two gallons stabilizer for an 8 gallon capacity oil system.
REV-X REV0401 High Performance Oil Additive 24742 1.00 REV-X REV0401 High Performance Oil Additive
5 5 1
$ 34.95
The REV-X REV0401 High Performance Oil Additive provides additional protection, efficiency, and increased performance to make your truck run better than it did when it was new. Never before has the proper oil additive package been so instrumental in protecting today's high performance engines. With the EPA mandating the removal of key lubricating components, such as Zinc, Sulfur, and many more, from today's fuel and engine oils, the consumer has been left with only one choice for complete protection. Use it in your engine, manual transmission, power steering system, transfer case, and differentials! REV-X Performance Oil Additive fills that gap and then blows the previous specifications away with above and beyond performance and protection for any lubricated component in your pride and joy! If you are looking for increased performance and the best protection for all your vehicles hard parts, REV-X Performance Oil Additive is the only logical choice.Features:Increases engine efficiencyIncreases horsepower and torqueGreatly improves cold start operationSmoother operation of all treated componentsDramatic reduction in component wearReduces thermal temperaturesReduces turbo spool timesEnhances Ford Powerstroke injection systems for proper operation.Directions and Suggested Applications:General Treatment: (1) 4-ounce bottle treats up to 6 quarts of oil. Engine: For maximum performance and protection of vital engine and turbo components, add REV-X Oil Additive with every oil change. Manual Transmission: 2 oz. of REV-X Oil Additive is recommended for all manual transmissions. Rev-X adds a layer of protection and lubricity to your transmission.Power Steering: 1 oz. of REV-X Oil Additive is recommended for use with power steering units and provides an extra layer of protection and lubricityDifferential: 2 oz. of REV-X Oil Additive is recommended for use with common truck differentials. Use with your preferred brand gear oil. Transfer Case: 1 oz. of Rev-X Oil is recommended for use with the transfer case. It helps with lubricity and protects against wear and tear.
XDP X-Factor High Performance Oil Additive XD275 34577 1.00 XDP X-Factor High Performance Oil Additive XD275
$ 9.95
Reduce friction and wear in your engine with XDP's X-Factor High Performance Oil Additive XD275, the best thing to happen to oil since the filter! X-Factor is a 100% synthetic friction reducer that is engineered to decrease engine wear, reduce noise and vibration, improve engine efficiency, and also clean and protect internal surfaces of your engine from corrosion, rust, and sludge. Intended for use on all Diesel and Gasoline engines, X-Factor is compatible with both conventional and synthetic engine oils.X-Factor utilizes nano particles to achieve superior wear reduction by filling in microscopic irregularities on your engines internal surfaces. This unique blend reduces engine wear, improves fuel economy, increases power, and reduces oil operating temperatures. On the 6.0L Powerstroke engines, X-Factor eliminates stiction and restores your failing HEUI injectors. Add XDP's X-Factor High Performance Oil Additive to your Engine Oil, Power Steering Fluid, Hydraulic System Fluid, and Differential Oil to protect the vital components of your vehicle. Features:For All Gas and Diesel EnginesImproves Engine Performance Restores Failing HEUI Injectors For Synthetic and Conventional OilsRestores Lost Power and CompressionProtects and Cleans Internal Engine Surfaces Directions:Add 1.5 Oz For Every 1 Quart Of Oil - Universal (6.0L Powerstroke - 2 Oz. For Every 1 Quart Of Oil)Recommended one treatment of X-Factor with every fresh oil change. One bottle treats up to 5 quarts of oil. An average truck with 15 quarts of oil will take 3 bottles.Note: Not for use in Air Conditioning, Aircraft, Brakes, or Automatic Transmission Fluid. TREATMENT GUIDE