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XDP’s Fuel Sump: A Way to Draw Fuel That Doesn’t Suck

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For nearly a decade, XDP has been at the forefront of diesel performance. Diesel enthusiasts (you!) have known for years that the key to increasing horsepower is about increasing fuel and air to make the explosion that takes place inside of the combustion chamber larger, leading to more horsepower. One of the earliest modifications we recommend to do to any diesel truck is an upgraded fuel system like one of the offerings from Airdog or FASS. These fuel systems incorporate finer fuel filters than the factory units that trucks are equipped with along with water separators that ensure only the highest quality fuel makes it to your injection pump and then to your precious injectors. These units only create a slight increase in horsepower but improve the operating efficiency of the truck, the durability and reliability of the fueling system and they increase fuel flow and pressure to make sure that the truck is getting enough fuel for future horsepower upgrades.

Historically one of the challenges to installing these systems was the required installation of a high-flow suction tube, or draw straw. What happens sometimes if the suction tube is not installed close enough to the bottom of the tank is around a quarter tank the truck can start to suck air and lose fuel pressure, which results in a loss of horsepower and a troubleshooting headache. We have developed a solution to both simplify the installation of any aftermarket fuel system as well as improve the performance of them by ensuring they get a constant supply of fuel. Our fuel sump comes complete and ready to install with our internal horseshoe ring that allows a simple installation that does not require dropping the fuel tank.

The reason our fuel sump works so much better is simple: It uses the principle of gravity to its advantage. Fuel comes down into the sump rather than having to be drawn up, which means that the fueling is always ready and waiting for your aftermarket lift pump to send to your injection pump. We designed the sump to work with both a stock tank as well as an aftermarket high-capacity unit so you can get both range and effective fueling from your rig.

With XDP’s fuel sump you can accomplish two important goals: Improving the performance of your aftermarket lift pump and simplifying the installation of your new fuel system. At just $149.95 you can’t go wrong with a fuel sump for your truck, it’s the only sump good enough to wear the XDP logo!