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2012 TS Performance Outlaw Sled Pull & Diesel Drags

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Take TS Performance, add good old southern hospitality, and then mix that with a ton of diesel enthusiasts teamed with XDP and what do you get?  The best diesel event so far this season!

The weather was great and from the fans to the food this was an event that was not to be missed.

Day 1 at the track was impressive and fast!  Some of our friends ran strong right out of the gate, like Dimitri Millard who once again put his 2010 Diesel Power Challenge winning street truck solidly into the 9’s before head gasket issues sidelined the truck. Diesels continued to roar down the track and you could tell when a low number was going to be posted just by the sound.  It was a great day until somebody clipped a guidewire and pulled down the pole, cutting the power.  Luckily it was late in the day and everyone had already had a good time.

Day 2 at the pulls things got even better.  The dyno was putting down the numbers and enthusiasts milled around the show-n-shine all day.  Some clouds rolled in as the day went on but the little bit of rain we did see didn’t matter.  The show-n-shine featured some very nice trucks like our very own XDP Duramax SEMA truck and…wait is that a Lexus SUV, what’s that doing here?!….turns out they had dropped a Dodge Diesel in there….very different and very cool.

Oh, then there was also the bikini contest but I’m sure you don’t care about that so I’ll move on….just kidding (MAKE SURE you check out the bikini contest pictures we shot from the VIP area on stage…TS hooked us up!) Then vote for who you think should have been crowned the winner.  Once the crowd had recovered from the bikini contest everybody headed over to the pulling track.

At the start of the pulling competition the sound cut off in the middle of the Star Spangled Banner….no problem as the crowd pitched in and we finished it with pride ourselves…an awesome display of patriotism and a great way to start the show!

Laying down serious horsepower and huge torque are what diesels do best and many of the strongest trucks went about dragging that sled down the track like it was nothing…nobody was disappointed with the action!  It was a good way to wrap things up and TS proved again to be an event that many diesel enthusiasts including us mark on our calendars as a can’t miss event.  Thanks to all of XDP’s friends and industry partners who make the trip and joined us for this great annual tradition!  We’ll see you all back there next year!


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