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Pacbrake Alpha Air Solutions – Now Available at XDP

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For more than six decades Pacbrake has been an industry leader in supplying vehicle owners with high-quality Exhaust Brakes, Air Bag Helper Spring Kits, Air System Accessories, and more. Pacbrake has the components needed to make sure your vehicle can safely transport and control the heavy loads. These air suspension products are perfect for vehicles hauling heavy equipment from job site to job site or loading the family into the truck and towing the camper to the lake for a weekend getaway. Pacbrake and XDP are happy to announce the launch of Pacbrake’s Alpha Air Solutions line of products. These components provide your Ford F-Series Super Duty, Dodge Ram Diesel, Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra with the state-of-the-art air management systems, air system accessories, and air components it needs.

Alpha Pro Heavy Duty and Xtreme Duty Air Suspension Kits

Alpha Pro Heavy Duty and Xtreme Duty Air Suspension Kits

Alpha Pro Heavy Duty and Xtreme Duty Air Suspension Kits bolster the factory suspension system on your truck. The installation of one of these kits ensures your vehicle can accommodate heavy loads. Aran Kay, Pacbrake’s Sales & Marketing Manager, was generous enough to answer some questions for us about Pacbrake’s Alpha Air Solutions line. Aran began with sharing his excitement for this line. “Our ALPHA Pro line of air suspension adds jounce bumpers or bump stops to our already robust lineup of better built, better priced air suspension kits. Bump stops add peace of mind to the air spring user in the very rare event of bottoming out due to extreme conditions or events.”

The Heavy Duty Line consists of the Alpha HD Pro and Alpha HD which are perfect for vehicle owners that occasionally tow and haul heavy loads. Pacbrake has engineered these kits with a weight capacity of 5,000 lbs.. These kits are perfect for DIYers and automotive enthusiasts that take their toys out for the weekend. The Xtreme Duty line includes the Alpha XD Pro and Alpha XD. These kits are ideal for vehicle owners that tow and haul heavy loads regularly. Each kit is more than capable of handling the toughest jobs with a capacity of 7,500 lbs..

Air Springs

The Heavy Duty or Xtreme Duty kits ensure you are getting an air bag helper spring kit that gets the job done. Both lines include Pacbrake’s high-quality air springs that feature a heavy-duty design and construction. These springs include one-piece aluminum anodized end caps, twenty support wires, jounce bumpers and two-ply rubber. Aran expanded on the benefit of the included jounce bumpers. “Jounce bumpers provide peace of mind, protecting against the unlikely event of bottoming out – having the top and bottom end cap of an air bag smash together. Should this extreme event ever happen, it could cause damage to your air bags and/or your load, and possibly even bend the frame of your truck, an expensive repair that none of us wants to even contemplate!”. Corrosion resistant roll plates and included powder coated brackets deliver a secure fit.

In addition, Aran also mentioned another benefit of jounce bumpers. The inclusion of these bumpers means the springs can be run at 0 psi when not in use. This enables vehicle owners to enjoy the factory ride of your vehicle’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) suspension. He stated “For ALPHA Pro air spring kits with the jounce bumper, you can absolutely run them at 0 PSI should you choose. For those air springs without the jounce bumper, we do recommend running them at a minimum 10 PSI as a pre-caution against bottoming out.”

Pacbrake Wireless Controller

Wireless Controllers

Pacbrake’s Wireless Controllers enable you to control your air springs right from the palm of your hand. You can easily fill your air springs simultaneously or independently with the use of Pacbrake’s controllers. Pacbrake systems are controlled by a smartphone app or their In-Cab Remote Controls. With the addition of a controller, your air system delivers the exact level of assistance you need it to. The automotive aftermarket is filled with products that are controlled via smartphones and apps. Aran discussed Pacbrake’s desire to develop a controller that allowed vehicle owners to skip the app. He said, “We’ve now added a stand-alone remote that can work alongside our phone app controls, for those that don’t want to use another app or tie up their phone for air management and control.”

Pacbrake Air Compressors

Air Compressors

To ensure your vehicle always has access to compressed air, Pacbrake has a great selection of Air Compressors. Not only can these compressors support your vehicle’s air suspension system, but can also support the use of other air accessories. The HP325, HP425, and HP625 Series compressors deliver the durability and dependability needed to operate in tough driving conditions. These compressors are universally designed to fit in multiple locations and positions on your vehicle to best suit your needs.

Pacbrake Air Reservoir Tanks

Air Reservoir Tanks

Pacbrake Air Reservoir Tanks are perfect for any application. Each tank can also be mounted in any orientation. These tanks are constructed from polished aluminum or steel and meet ASME code. Welded on mounting brackets ensure each tank has a universal application fitment. Aluminum Air Tanks are made from polished aluminum which is a lightweight and corrosion resistant material. These tanks have a working pressure of 200 PSI. Steel Air Tanks are constructed from high-quality steel which is then painted. A rust inhibitor is internally applied for corrosion resistance. These steel tanks have a maximum working pressure of 150 PSI. Pacbrake produces ½ gallon, 2 ½ gallon, and 5-gallon tanks. These three options ensure automotive enthusiasts have an air tank to meet their needs. Every tank has several NPT ports to support various air accessories.

Pacbrake Ultimate Combo Kits

Ultimate Combo Kits

For the vehicle owner that wants it all, Pacbrake Ultimate Combo Kits are a great option. Each kit provides you with everything needed to add the ultimate on-board air system to your vehicle. Each kit combines one of Pacbrake’s ten best-selling air spring kits with onboard air and one of their wireless controls. These kits are a simple way for vehicle owners to add an air bag helper spring kit. These kits remove the hassle of researching what fits their vehicle and mix and matching components.

What Pacbrake Kit Fits Your Needs?

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to find the perfect system for your vehicle. We asked Aran which airbag systems and controller systems would best suit the weekend warrior, the occasional heavy hauler, and the full-time hauler? His response gives great insight into the benefits of Pacbrake’s products and the best way to maximize them.

Aran explained “It really depends what you are going to use your air for, whether you generally have balanced or unbalanced loads, and whether you need the addition of a waterproof compressor. If you want to use air for more than just filling your air bags, then you’ll need the HP20325 system and combine that with an onboard air system like the HP10163 with ½ gallon tank or HP10164 with 2.5 gallon tank.”

“This gives you the ability to not just control your air bags, but also add other air accessories like air horns, fill your tires or inflatable water toys, or operate small air tools.For that just want to control their air springs, you’ll want a Dual Path or Independent fill kit that can provide individual pressure to each bag for those that need to level unbalanced loads or a Single Path / Simultaneous fill kit to supply identical pressure in each bag.”

Purchase Pacbrake’s Alpha Air Solutions Products!

Provide your vehicle with what it needs to safely get the job done when towing and hauling. Pacbrake products help keep you, your passengers, and others on the road are safe when handling heavy loads. Find all the Pacbrake air suspension and air accessories at XDP today!

Pacbrake Alpha Pro