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Mopar – Now Available At XDP

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Originating as the parts division of Chrysler Corporation, Mopar has grown into a global powerhouse. Mopar products are the same high-quality Original Equipment (OE) parts that were installed on your Dodge, Ram, or Jeep from the factory. With a history spanning over eight decades, Mopar has upheld ambitious standards in automotive engineering.

At the heart of Mopar lies a commitment to innovation. Their team of dedicated engineers and designers develop state-of-the-art components and accessories that maintain the factory function, durability, and aesthetics of your vehicle. Whether it’s engines, cooling systems, fluids and filters, emissions equipment, and much more, Mopar has what you need. Every part is meticulously manufactured to exacting standards. This attention to detail ensures unparalleled quality and reliability.

Mopar Engine Components

Engine Components

Mopar has your engine components covered. From standard maintenance parts such as gaskets and serpentine belts to individual engine components. Whether you need to perform maintenance or rebuild your engine, they have you covered. If you need to replace a failed gasket on your truck, Mopar gaskets deliver a dependable seal. A serpentine belt powers your engine accessories, if they begin to crack or fray, it is important to replace it before it snaps completely. Replacement serpentine belts from Mopar are available specifically for your truck.

Modern diesel engines are like computers. With dozens of sensors that receive and send signals, voltage, and other values, these are critical components for proper engine function. In some cases, an OEM sensor is the go-to choice by technicians and DIY enthusiasts. When you choose Mopar OEM sensors you are getting the same sensor as the one originally on your diesel.

Mopar Cooling System Components

Cooling System Components

Keeping your cooling system working properly ensures that your engine maintains its proper operating temperature. If the temperature gets too high, your engine will overheat. The culprit of a malfunctioning cooling system can be the fault of many components from a failed thermostat to leaking radiator hoses. You can find direct-fit replacement components to ensure that your cooling system can handle the task. Beyond coolant hoses, and parts inside the cooling system, Mopar cooling fans and cooling fan clutches are also available if your engine is still experiencing an overheating condition.

Mopar Fluids & Filters

Fluids & Filters

Your Dodge Ram relies on various kinds of fluid for proper operation. These fluids include oil, transfer case fluid, transmission fluid and more. Mopar fluids are the same as what your truck is filled with from the factory. When it comes time to change them, Mopar ensures your vehicle is getting the lubrication that it needs. It’s also important to ensure that those fluids are properly filtered. Every Mopar filter is a direct-fit replacement. Each filter meets the factory filtration specifications required.

Mopar Fuel System Components

Fuel System Components

The fuel system is the heart of any diesel. Mopar replacement fuel system components ensure factory function. You can find replacement fuel injectors, fuel injector lines, and many other components you need to restore your fuel system after a component failure, contaminated fuel, or if those parts simply are past their service life. Using Mopar OE is a sure to get your engine back up and running as it did off the showroom floor.

Mopar components are perfect for the Dodge, Ram and Jeep owners that want high-quality replacement parts. You can be sure that every part you purchase will fit your vehicle perfectly. For more than eight decades, they provided vehicle owners with the OEM replacement components they need. The Mopar products you need are available at XDP today!