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2014 Diesel Power Challange – Event Recap

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The XDP Crew was glad to be back in Denver for the 2014 Diesel Power Challenge! Starting off on Monday night, the challenge began with the kickoff party where competitors, staff and sponsors get to meet and discuss the coming week. With plenty of food, drinks and entertainment the night eventually wound down as everyone called it a night to get a jump start on the early morning dyno day at ATS Diesel.

On Tuesday morning, the competitors, staff, sponsors and film crew spent the day at ATS for the dyno competition. Like clockwork the competitors backed on the dyno, made their 3 pulls and we were on to the next one. With no serious dyno carnage this year most of the trucks were able to compete and move onto the next event.

On Wednesday morning the competitors spent time on the pit side at Bandimere Speedway for one of the most humorous parts of the competition, the Trailer Tow Obstacle Course! This year, the competitors were cool under pressure and had no problems completing the course in minimal amounts of time. Unlike past years, the score keepers kept the times hidden so with no clear winner, it was still anyone’s game.

We moved the second half of the day down to the ¼ mile drag strip and it did not disappoint. Not done with the trailer yet, the competitors hooked up, and took off down the ¼ mile with a 10,000lb trailer and bobcat for the trailer tow drag race. As an event that’s broken several trucks in the past, this year the competitors held it together while making some very impressive passes.

Another test of the driver, drivetrain and truck was the 3rd portion of our track day. Competitors got qualifying passes before running in a bracket style class to determine the winner of the ¼ mile drag races. With a little bit of breakage during the qualifying runs we did lose one more competitor but he would later have his truck up and running for the next day.

On Thursday morning, we met at the truck stop while trucks filled up before the mileage test. Each competitor had their own little tricks in getting the maximum amount of fuel in their truck before being weighed. Whether it was pushing their trucks to the scales, rocking back and forth, or driving up on blocks, nothing is too excessive when the title of Diesel Power Champion is on the line. Once filled and weighed, we took a 140-mile ride up through the mountains of Denver until we came back down, re-filled and headed to the sled pull.

On Thursday afternoon at the fairgrounds the conditions were more favorable than years past with a lot less rain. While the sled pull gave some a hard time, the competitors from the mid-west were right at home and had no issues getting to the other end of the track. Once all the trucks have hooked, we headed back to the hotel for the awards dinner where the staff from Diesel Power Challenge tallied the scores and announced the 2014 Diesel Power Challenge Champion!

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