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XDP Presents The 2015 Diesel Power Challenge

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2015 Diesel Power Challenge, Presented by XDP

XDP as the Presenting Sponsor of the 2015 Diesel Power Challenge

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XDP, your true “One-Stop-Shop” for Ford, GM, and Dodge Ram diesel products has once again signed on as the presenting sponsor of the 2015 Diesel Power Challenge.

Every year, Diesel Power Magazine sets out to find the top trucks in the nation. With the help of the reader’s votes, they take 10 trucks and put them into one of the most grueling competitions in diesel motorsports. With just bragging rights on the line, only 1 of the 10 contestants can be champion. To earn this title they must put their pride, truck, and skills on the line while trying to dominate the competition over 3 days and many events and obstacles.

The 2015 Diesel Power Challenge Competition

Starting on day 1, the dyno competition is the first of this multi-part torture test. Trucks are tuned, nitrous bottles are filled, and these trucks are ready to put down some serious numbers! At this level of competition, seeing horsepower numbers above 1,000 is common place. Always a fan favorite, the dyno has caused plenty of carnage in the past. It’s anyone’s guess who takes the lead on day one of the competition.

For those that were lucky enough to make it through the dyno event, it’s on to the next day at the mile high dragstrip! There’s no better track in the country to put your vehicle to the test than Bandimere Speedway. This is where we can see what does and doesn’t perform at over 5,000 feet. Track day events include drag racing, a trailer tow obstacle course and trailer tow drag race. It’s easy to see how this is yet another part of the grueling competition these trucks must endure.

New at DPC

While the fuel mileage testing normally started off the final morning of the Diesel Power Challenge, Diesel Power Magazine has made some changes for 2015. This year, each competitor will receive a locking gas cap, and the staff of Diesel Power Magazine will be dispensing and monitoring their fuel consumption throughout the entire week! This will give us the best indication of what truck can really pull in the best mileage at the highest of performance levels.

This brings us to the last portion of the event, the sled pull! The competitors and the crew will head to the local fairgrounds, hook to a sled and see who can pull it furthest. This is where we find out who really has the most well rounded truck. After the sled pull, the crew heads back to the awards dinner where the champion will be crowned!

The action kicks off next week on Monday, May 4th and the cameras will be rolling all week. Over the course of the week the events will be filmed in the greater Denver area. After the event be sure to stay tuned for details on the release of the 2014 Diesel Power Challenge DVD sold exclusively by XDP!

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