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BD Diesels on the Mountain

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BD Diesel

This past weekend XDP headed to beautiful Denver, Colorado for the NHRDA BD Diesels on the Mountain event. The event started Friday night with sled pulls taking place at the Jefferson Country Fairgrounds in Golden, Colorado. With storms earlier in the day and the sky still dark with clouds we were not sure if the event was going to take place. With the track being prepped and crowds starting to gather in the stands it began to lightly rain. The track crew continued to prep the track in hopes that the rain would subside. Luckily the rain let up enough to allow the event to start. About 15 minutes into the event it began to rain again, this time a little harder. The track began to get a little slick and the trucks looked like they were sliding a little bit. In between classes the rain stopped, the skies cleared, and the rest of the event went off without a hitch.

Saturdays event took place at the famous Bandimere Speedway in Morrison Colorado. After the gloomy, rainy weather of Friday we were hoping for a clear day on Saturday. Our wish was granted and we rewarded with a perfect day for drag racing. The weather turned out to be so perfect that it allowed 2 new NHRDA speed records to happen even though we were a mile up. Jarid Vollmer and the Bully Dog drag truck set a new speed record in Pro Street with a speed of 160mph. Rob Coddens and his 02 LB7 set a new record in Super Street with a speed of 152.37.

Join XDP on June 27th in Madison Illinois for the NHRDA Midwest Truckin Nationals taking place at the Gateway Motorsports Park.

30 May 2015 Denver, CO – Final Results & Event Recap for the 2015 NHRDA Diesels On The Mountain Presented by BD Diesel Performance at Bandimere Speedway in Denver, Colorado…

Event Name Diesels On The Mountain Date 05/30/15
Track Name Bandimere Speedway Location Denver, CO
MBRP Performance Exhaust – Diesel Drag Racing Results
Class Vehicle Name City State ET MPH RT
Pro Stock Winner 2006 Chevy Brian Spooner Lloydminster AB 10.35 134.95 0.489
Pro Stock R/U 1941 Willys Jarid Vollmer Chubbuck ID 11.86 125.00 0.725
Pro Stock #1 Qual 2006 Chevy Brian Spooner Lloydminster AB 10.16 138.41
Pro Stock Low ET 2006 Chevy Brian Spooner Lloydminster AB 10.16
Pro Stock Top Speed 2006 Chevy Brian Spooner Lloydminster AB 138.41
Pro Street Wiiner 2005 Ford Matt Kubik Newkirk OK 9.55 145.48 0.182
Pro Sreet R/U 2006 Dodge Jarid Vollmer Chubbuck ID 29.87 39.34 0.549
Pro Street #1 Qual 2006 Dodge Jarid Vollmer Chubbuck ID 8.77 160.00
Pro Street Low ET 2006 Dodge Jarid Vollmer Chubbuck ID 8.77
Pro Street Top Speed 2006 Dodge Jarid Vollmer Chubbuck ID 152..37
Super Street Winner 2002 GMC Rob Coddens Eagle ID 9.52 145.54 0.236
Super Street R/U 2006 Dodge Derek Rose Casco MI 9.73 146.75 0.205
Super Street #1 Qualify 2006 Dodge Derek Rose Casco MI 9.41 149.65
Super Street Low ET 2002 GMC Rob Coddens Eagle ID 9.36
Super Street Top Speed 2002 GMC Rob Coddens Eagle ID 152.37
10.90 Index Winner 2006 Dodge Phillip Franklin San Antonio TX 10.90 11.45 0.316 109.32
10.90 Index R/U 2004 Dodge Jon Jacobs Arvada CO 10.90 13.31 0.170 107.21
10.90 Index #1 Qualifier 1997 Dodge Dustin Johnson Piedmont SD 11.18
Super Diesel Winner 1948 Ford Kevin Larson Keenesburg CO 11.90 11.98 0.267 111.69
Super Diesel R/U 2003 Chevy Dan Madden Worland WY 11.90 11.84 0.359 113.46
Super Diesel #1 Qualifier 2006 GMC Verlon Southwick Shoshone ID 11.90 11.93
Sportsman Winner 1994 Dodge Arik Frost Lakewood CO 12.55 12.56 0.043 105.12
Sportsman R/U 2006 Dodge Phillip Stiers Lakewood CO 12.03 12.07 -0.005 114.36
#1 Qualifier 2010 Volkswagen Trey Sikes Hamlet NC 0.014
NHRDA Sled Pulling Series Results
Class Vehicle Name City State Distance
Super Stock Winner 2003 Dodge Jason Stott Rock Springs WY 277.10
Super Stock 2nd Place 1997 Ford Rocky Horn Ft. Lupton CO 238.24
Super Stock 3rd Place 2003 GMC Aaron Jones Henderson CO 226.96
3.0 Class Winner 2005 Dodge Tom Hansen Stansbury Park UT 276.10
3.0 Class 2nd Place 2002 Chevy Rick Engler Brighton CO 250.10
3.0 Class 3rd Place 2001 Ford Adam Quain Grand Junction CO 232.12
2.6 Class Winner 1995 Dodge Jared Patterson Colorado Springs CO 282.78
2.6 Class 2nd Place 1979 Ford Rocky Horn Ft. Lupton CO 277.92
2.6 Class 3rd Place 2000 Dodge Weylin Richards Mt. Sterling UT 262.90
2.5 Class Winner 2002 Chevy Justin Doyle Thornton CO 276.88
2.5 Class 2nd Place 2007 Dodge Tony Gonzales Alliance NE 274.98
2.5 Class 3rd Place 2002 Chevy Josh Creason Lakewood CO 269.38
Burnout Contests and Show n Shine Winners
Vehicle Name City State
Burnout Contest 1999 Dodge Calvin Bowers Greeley CO
Show n Shine Semi 2006 Peterbilt Jeremy Reuter Brighton CO
Show n Shine Pick Up 1946 Chevy Grant Decker Colorado Springs CO
Show n Shine Work Class 2006 Peterbilt Wilton Washington Denver CO