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Bloomsburg 4 Wheel Jamboree

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The Bloomsburg 4 Wheel Jamboree is an action-packed three-day event where passionate off-road and truck enthusiasts of all kinds meet to show off their rigs. If you have never been to a Jamboree, you are seriously missing out! The XDP crew was there along with our Diesel Powered Monster Truck and Rat Rod to represent our industry.

Even with a hard down-pour Saturday afternoon, there certainly was no shortage of XDP fans of all ages who stopped by to pick up XDP merchandise while showing their love and support for all things XDP, from the XDP Diesel Monster Truck to the XDP Rat Rod.

Our very own Dave Radzierez set out to put on a show for the XDP Monster Truck fans in the audience during Saturday’s early freestyle competition. The sound of “fully spooled Turbos” from our Monster Truck had fans on the edge of their seats while  Dave showed off its brute power, launching the truck 20+ feet off a jump. Dave experienced a hard off-camber landing on the left rear tire, resulting in a broken and bent driver’s side rear frame section which caused the team to miss Saturday night’s show.  This was the kind of carnage that would put any Monster Truck out of commission for the rest of the weekend… but not the XDP Race Team! Lucky for us, we had a secret weapon. The builder/owner of the XDP Rat Rod and member of Team XDP, Frank Mohr! Through sheer hard-work and determination, Dave and his team, along with Frank Mohr’s fabrication and welding skills, relentlessly worked all day and night on the injured truck. Fans, not knowing the condition of the truck, came by to express their concern, asking for details and hoping to see the truck back out there. The suspense was brutal!

On Sunday, the thunderous sound of high-powered engines shook the ground as the Monster trucks fired up and headed to the track for the final 3:00pm event. One by one, the trucks drove out to the grand stands. Fans assumed that Dave and the XDP Monster Truck would not be joining them after missing Saturday night’s event but once they saw that black and yellow body, the stands went wild with excitement. All the hard work put in to get the Monster Truck to get ready for Sunday was worth it for the fans! We thank you all for the support!

Join us for Waterfest 22 July 16-17, 2016 and don’t forget to mark your calendars July 23rd for the 4th annual Keystone Diesel Nationals!