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AMP Research Powerstep Xtreme

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Never again will you have to hop, skip and jump into the cab of your truck. That stock fixed-step you’ve been using is great, sure. If you like having some less than eye-catching accessories from the factory on your ride. Get a “step-up” from the stock step. The solution may have its ups and downs but is by far the best way to go.   

The AMP Research Powerstep Xtreme is the plug-and-play way to not only get in and out of your truck but also. It also gives that extra lifted look when the step is in its concealed position. These steps retract and conceal as the door opens and closes and are built to last with dual motors, LED lighting, a weather-resistant design, and corrosion-resistant coating that stands up to even the harshest road conditions. If that’s not enough, these steps are rated to hold up to 600lbs, so you and the whole family can safely step in and out without worrying about grandpa falling while getting into the cab.  

AMP Research Powerstep

The AMP Research  Powerstep Xtreme is designed and made in the USA. The installation of this model is simple. It doesn’t require getting behind your doors to run the wiring to the steps!   

Maybe you already have a set of these steps but might need a few tips and tricks on the install? We’ll give you a “leg up” on the process with some info you might find helpful. 

Tip #1: Be in a well-lit area

When you’re working under your truck and in the engine bay it’s vital to be able to see what you’re doing. Especially, when you need to reuse some of the hardware for the new steps. The last thing you need is to have to dig your hands down into a crowded engine bay and try to find bolts only to turn your fingers into confetti.  

Powerstep Install

Tip #2: Be patient and read the Instructions 

Installing these AMP Steps requires wiring directly to your OBD port. Whenever you have to alter wires (especially important ones) it’s best to go slow and steady. If you want to rush and cross your fingers that your OBD will be able to read anything half as well as a 2nd grader could. Go right ahead but don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Powerstep Install 2

Tip #3: Double Check Yourself Before You Wreck your Truck  

These steps require your utmost attention when installing. Not just because of the wiring but because if improperly installed, it is possible to do damage to your truck and to your steps. Don’t make the mistake of rushing through just to get these. Make sure they have enough clearance to deploy and retract before you step up into your truck.  

Powerstep Motors

You’re going to love your AMP Steps. We have these on all the trucks around the shop and in our driveways. Get a set for your ride, head over to, and see what’s best for you. Never have to worry about stepping in and out of your truck again!  


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