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What is a Throttle Booster?

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There are lots of options out there to help give your truck a little extra pep in its step. This is especially important when towing. An effective solution to getting the throttle response you need at an affordable price is a throttle booster! What is a throttle booster and how can it help?

Throttle Boosters vs Programmers:

A common question we get when talking about throttle boosters is if they’re the same as programmers or tuners. In short, no, they’re two totally different things. What makes them different is what they do. Programmers and tuners change the settings in the ECU which will give your truck different performance characteristics. Throttle boosters maintain your truck’s stock horsepower but increase the throttle response. Throttle boosters increase the throttle responsiveness rather than altering the ECU and the engine’s functionality at its core.

There are also some major price point differences between throttle boosters and tuners. Tuners and programmers can cost significantly more. Often requiring additional performance parts that help give you all the power you’re looking for. Throttle boosters, on the other hand, are typically more cost-effective and require less time to install but can still have a significant difference in drivability, especially when towing or merging onto a busy highway.

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Throttle boosters are designed to help your truck accelerate quickly by reducing the lag time it takes for the ECU to recognize the accelerator being depressed. This makes the accelerator pedal much more sensitive and allows for faster acceleration when merging onto the highway or towing a heavy load.

How it works…

The pedal sensitivity is controlled by a throttle control unit which manages the pedal sensitivity and gives the driver increased acceleration. Many of these control units are customizable with various settings that can enhance drivability in your vehicle. You can even control some boosters from the palm of your hand with wireless controllers and smartphone apps!

Throttle Booster App

There are lots of options when you’re using a Throttle booster. Throttle boosters offer a wide array of options for every driving style. Complete with modes that fit your needs like, “sport” and “race” or more conservative “valet” and “eco” modes. Throttle boosters with more sophisticated technology can learn from your driving habits and suggest settings for your driving style! Throttle boosters don’t require any tuning or changes to your engine and can be set back to stock by unplugging the unit.

So, when it comes to getting the most power from your truck, throttle boosters may be the right choice to help get you where you need to go more quickly and efficiently.  You can find a throttle booster and other power upgrades that are right for your truck at today!

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