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Re-Gearing with Nitro Gear and Axle Packages

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Need better gearing in your truck? Look no further! Nitro Gear Packages can help you get rolling. Built with 8620 Steel Gear Forging and computer-controlled gear lapping, you know you’re getting the most from your truck. Learn all that and more in this MFG Q&A with Ryan from Nitro Gear!   

Why Gearing Matters…

Upgrading with a Gear Package Kit from Nitro means improved reliability and strength. Nitro uses high-quality steel and an improved manufacturing process to make sure you can get wherever you need to, on or off-road. Choosing the right ratio for your suspension and wheel and tire setup is crucial. This is what will keep your vehicle in its optimum RPM range and contributes to better transmission and turbo life and drivability.  

Factory gear ratios are set based on the factory specifications of the vehicle. So, if you’ve upgraded your suspension or wheels and tires, changing your gearing will help you get the most out of your setup. Gearing can help improve RPMs, powerband, towing, and more! Re-gearing can prolong transmission and turbo life and help control shifts while towing, this all contributes to reliability and can even help fuel economy.  

Nitro Gear and Axle Packages

What’s in the Box?

These kits are designed not only to give you the best performance off-road or towing but also on the highway. Especially in more mountainous areas with diverse topography. Changing the gearing on vehicles from the factory that frequent these types of driving conditions can also help improve drivability and fuel economy.  

Nitro makes it easy and simple to ensure you have all the parts you need to re-gear your vehicle right out of the box. Kits come packaged with the necessary components all in one place. So, you don’t have to hunt around for parts to get the job done.  

So, whether you’re using your vehicle to tow, go off-road, or commute your gearing matters. Get the parts you need to re-gear all in one package with Nitro Gear and Axle at today! 

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