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Upgrading Your Coolant Y-Pipe

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What Makes This Y-Pipe an Upgrade?

One small fix can easily prevent the headaches associated with the loss of coolant in your 2003-2007 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke. The factory coolant y-pipe is made of plastic, which is prone to failure over time due to constant heat cycling. Its brittle nature simply cannot withstand prolonged pressure and heat. If the factory coolant y-pipe breaks and coolant leaks from the system, overheating can occur. When your engine overheats you may experience damage to vital engine components. The factory Y-pipe is a common weak link amongst Ford 6.0L Powerstroke owners. Fortunately, this can be fixed with the XDP Weldless Coolant Y-Pipe.


The XDP Weldless Y-Pipe…

…is the perfect upgrade to make sure you’re never stranded because of your weak plastic factory Y-pipe. XDP’s Coolant Y-Pipe is a direct replacement for the factory y-pipe in your cooling system that connects the heater hose, the front cover, and the degas bottle together. XDP Y-pipes are made to withstand heat and pressure with a weldless one-piece design. Constructed with ultra-durable billet aluminum you can count on this Y-pipe to keep you on the road. This design also eliminates weak points of welded versions and the possibility of pinhole leaks from the welds. Coated with a sleek black anodized finish and come ready to install with the included clamps. This cost-effective upgrade is a must-have preventative measure to avoid the costs of larger failures down the road. 

The XD284 is easy to install and includes the necessary hose clamps. All you will need is basic hand tools for the installation process.

Coolant XD284

Make sure the truck is off, the engine is cool, and the key is not in the ignition, or disconnect the positive battery terminal. Locate the radiator petcock on the bottom of the radiator on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Use a 19mm wrench to loosen the drain plug and allow coolant to drain into a clean bucket or pan. 

XD284 Install 1


Remove the cap on the coolant recovery tank (degas bottle). You will hear an increase in coolant flow going into the bucket or pan while doing this. Tighten the drain plug once done. 

XD284 Install 2

Begin removing your air intake system and air intake tube by loosening the clamps using a 5/16” nut driver. Disconnect the mass air flow (MAF) sensor connector, then pull up and out on the intake tube to remove it from the vehicle. 

XD284 Install 3

Remove the coolant lines connected to the top of the factory coolant recovery tank. Use a pair of pliers and set them aside. They will be

XD284 Install 4

Using an 8mm wrench, remove the two coolant-recovery-tank-hold-down bolts. 

XD284 Install 5

Gently pull the tank towards the front of the vehicle to gain access to the lower coolant heater hose clamp, remove the clamp, and twist the bottle out of its mounting location. 

XD284 Install 6

Locate the factory coolant y-pipe connection and remove the two plastic crimped connection rings using a pair of cutting pliers. 

XD284 Install 7

Twist and pull the hoses off the y-pipe connector. Discard the factory y-pipe and crimp rings once removed. Using a heat gun will soften the hose to help remove the y-pipe. 

XD284 Install 8


Place the supplied two larger clamps in place of the crimped clamps removed in previous step and the one single smaller clamp onto the hose directed towards the firewall. Install the XDP billet Y-pipe in place of the factory pipe and push the heater hose onto the y-pipe connector. 

XD284 Install 9

Once installed, tighten the clamps. 

XD284 Install 10

Reconnect the hose on the bottom of the coolant reservoir tank and reinstall the tank. Re-install the air intake system as removed in reverse fashion. 

XD284 Install 11

Fill the engine with coolant and check for leaks when filling. If no leaks are present, start the vehicle and check for leaks once the engine is up to operating temperature. Fill to manufacturer’s specifications and test drive the vehicle. 

XD284 800x800

Don’t let the factory Y-pipe be the cause of overheating in your Powerstroke. Eliminate the failure-prone factory unit and upgrade to the XDP Weldless Coolant Y-Pipe today at! Check out our full YouTube video for more tech tips and installation instructions.