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Killer Grid Heater Upgrade Kit | BD Diesel 1041520

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Many owners of a 2007.5-2024 Dodge Ram with the 6.7 Cummins diesel engine have learned of a major design flaw in recent years, which can lead to catastrophic damage. From the factory, the intake grid heater utilizes a stud and nut for the heating element electrical connection. This stud (or bolt) is continually subjected to a combination of electrical current (200 AMP), heat cycling, and vibration. Over an extended period of time, this can lead to the deterioration and weakening of the stud. This stud has been known to physically break off with the nut attached. When it falls down, it can work its way through the intake and lead to extensive damage of the piston, cylinder head, and valves. For this reason, many enthusiasts have even started to refer to this as the “Killer Grid Heater Bolt.”

OEM Killer Grid Heater_BD

Heater Stud Check

You can help avoid engine failure as long as you stay proactive. A simple way to check the condition of the stud without taking off the intake plate is to gently wiggle the grid heater 12-volt connector on top of the intake plate. If the connector is loose or moves around, it is recommended that you remove the plate for inspection immediately. It is advised to do this before starting the engine again. You typically will not know how bad the condition of the stud is, until the intake plate is removed. If you try to move the connector and it still seems mounted in place firmly, take a sigh of relief, you are probably ok for now. Unfortunately wiggling the connector occasionally does not solve the actual problem.

Killer Grid Heater Upgrade Kit

Killer Grid Heater Upgrade Kit

BD Diesel has come up with a innovative solution to the dreaded heater grid bolt failure that will not break the bank. BD’s Killer Grid Heater Upgrade Kit eliminates the failure prone heater bolt with a new lower busbar design. Their innovative design replaces the vulnerable factory stud with a more robust M8 bolt securely fastened from the top. Self-locking threads built into this lower busbar prevent the connection from backing out and compromising the electrical connection. In addition, BD’s upgraded power pathway allows you to retain the 2,400-Watt stock heater grid, unlike other kits that feature a 600-Watt coil heater. This drastically reduces the amount of heat available to the engine and often doesn’t perform as well in cold climates.


  • No Modifications Or Tuning Required
  • Allows For Full Heat Output With The Stock Intake Grid Heater
  • Eliminates The Problematic Grid Heater Bolt And Nut That Could Lead To Engine Damage
  • Kit Includes Replacement Hardware And Gaskets, Along With Special Tools Required For The Job
  • Self-Locking Threads Built Into The Lower Busbar Which Will Prevent The Connection From Backing Out And Compromising Electrical Connection

Learn more about safeguarding your 2007.5-2024 Dodge Ram With 6.7L Cummins diesel and provide much needed peace of mind with the BD Diesel 1041520 Killer Grid Heater Upgrade Kit.