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2024 Atlantic City Truck Meet

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2024 Atlantic City Truck Meet

Atlantic City, NJ, June 8th – 9th, 2024 – Enthusiasts from all over the country gathered at Bader Field in Atlantic City for the 2024 Atlantic City Truck Meet. This event has come a long way since its start in 2020. Every year it continues to grow, making it one of the most prominent shows in the northeast. Featuring a Show and Shine, burnout pit, bikini contest, dyno competitions, and more, there is something for everyone.

Burn Out Pit

This year the burnout pit at AC Truck Meet was bigger and better than in years past. Divided into three distinct classes – bro (yes, you read that right), pro, and open. These competitions offered a mix of skill, power, and of smoke from the tires. It brought a real level of excitement to Bader Field. The bro class kicked off the adrenaline rush around noon, setting a high bar for the rest of the event. Following this, the pro class took to the course, displaying a higher level of expertise and vehicular prowess.

Each class brought its own unique flair to the event, allowing diesel truck owners to either showcase their vehicles’ capabilities or simply enjoy the show from the sidelines. The spectator field for this event was stacked deep all day long. Enthusiasts did whatever they could to get the perfect view. The raw energy of engines roaring, tires screeching, and crowds cheering created an unforgettable atmosphere, emphasizing the sheer power and performance trucks are capable of. This thrilling component of the Atlantic City Truck Meet underscored the community’s passion for trucks. It definitely was a highlight for all who attended.

Dyno Competition

Another element of the show at the Atlantic City Truck Meet, the dyno competition offered a thrilling display of horsepower and torque from a wide range of trucks. Each dyno class catered to various performance levels and modifications, ensuring a diverse and competitive environment.

Participants had the opportunity to strap their trucks onto the dyno. This not only provided a benchmark for owners to gauge their truck’s performance, but also created a competitive yet friendly atmosphere among participants. The crowd stood in anticipation as each truck was rolled on, strapped down, and then made their dyno pull in an attempt to put down their best numbers.

The dyno competition had a continuous draw throughout the day. It attracted huge crowds eager to see which trucks would come out on top. It was not just about the numbers; it was a chance for owners to share modifications, strategies, and stories behind their builds. This exchange of knowledge and experience is vital, especially for enthusiasts looking to enhance their truck’s performance. The dyno competitions stood as a testament to the power and potential these trucks hold. This is a must-watch event for any enthusiast attending the meet.

Vendor Row

Adjacent to the fun at the dyno, the vendor area provided a wide range of options for attendees. Here, one could navigate booths filled with the latest truck parts, accessories, and tech advancements. It was an unparalleled opportunity for truck owners to engage directly with manufacturers and suppliers. Attendees could ask questions, gathering information, and even snagging some exclusive event deals. Our team got to visit with some of the brands we know and love like FASS Fuel Systems, BDS Suspension, Full Send Diesel, Alpharex and many more. We were able to discuss the latest innovations in the industry and celebrate the community that fuels our passions.

XDP Booth

The Atlantic City Truck Meet is a premier destination for truck owners looking to upgrade their vehicles. This year the XDP booth featured a range of high-quality products as well as giveaway items for all the spectators, vendors, and participants of this year’s show. This year XDP displayed our Xpressor Turbochargers, X-tra Cool Radiators and our LBZ Durmax engine build. This event is near and dear to all of us here at XDP because it’s right in our own backyard. This truck meet has grown substantially every year. We’re proud to be a part of it and most importantly, we love being there so we can interact with the community.

Show & Shine

The Show and Shine at the AC Truck Meet brings an even bigger dynamic to this show. It allows attendees to showcase their own modified vehicles. Participants displayed their pride and joy, with gleaming paint jobs, highly polished finishes, and unique modifications drawing the admiration of spectators and judges. The attention to detail was evident in every vehicle, from classic pickups to modern monsters. Each truck reflected the owner’s passion and creativity. As attendees wandered through the rows of stunning trucks, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement and friendly competition. This segment of the event not only highlighted the beauty and craftsmanship of the vehicles but also fostered a powerful sense of community among truck enthusiasts.

The most invaluable aspect of the 2024 Atlantic City Truck Meet was the chance to come join the community and celebrate trucks for all that they are. In between the roar of engines and the rumble of the crowd, attendees found common ground. They shared stories, laughs, ideas, and tips and tricks for each other’s builds. From first-time visitors to seasoned veterans, the sense of community was felt by all. This event brings together a network of enthusiasts with a shared passion for trucks. This meet continues to be one to look forward to each year. We are excited to see what next year has in store.

Check out a recap of the event below and check out our other videos of past events on our YouTube channel!