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Tow with Gen-Y at XDP!

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What Does XDP Have For Your Truck?

Towing with your truck or SUV can be dangerous, or even impossible, without the proper equipment. You can shop for the highest quality hitches and towing accessories for your truck at Tow with Gen-Y at XDP for your towing and hauling needs to get the job done!  

What can you find at XDP has a broad selection of hitches, tow hooks, fabrication parts, loading ramps, and more. 

XDP offers products from industry-leading manufacturers like Gen-Y that include towing and hitch accessories. With a variety of inventory to meet whatever application or need you may have! What are some of these products, and how can they benefit your truck?  

Drop Hitches

Whether you’re towing a trailer or boat, an adjustable drop hitch is a perfect way to keep your cargo level when towing. Gen-Y drop hitches are all fully adjustable and come in a variety of adjustable drop lengths and towing capacities. Ranging from 7,000 lbs. to 32,000 lbs. of tow capacity. Towing with your truck or SUV can be dangerous, or even impossible, without the proper equipment. You can shop for the highest quality hitches and towing accessories for your truck at

Tow with Gen-Y at XDP for a variety of adjustable drop hitches and designs that include ball mounts, stabilizers, and pintle locks. These drop hitches ensure a better towing experience for lifted trucks. Select drop hitches feature a heavy-duty steel design with a powder-coated finish for both durability and style. Shop a variety of adjustable drop hitches and designs that include ball mounts, stabilizers, and pintle locks for your truck!

Tow Hook & Hitch Steps

When you’re assisting a disabled vehicle that’s been stuck in the mud, or any sticky situation, a tow hook can be the perfect accessory to help pull a vehicle safely. Made from high-quality materials, Gen-Y’s tow hooks come in 2” and 2.5” shanks. Boasting a towing capacity between 10,000 – 32,000 lbs. and having the ability to be multidimensional. Meaning they can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions, and are sure to deliver years of reliable service.  

For easy access to your truck bed, or for protection for your rear bumper from collisions, a hitch step is another must-own accessory. Gen-Y provides a range of hitch steps that can be easily mounted to the rear of your truck. Each step is designed to provide safe and secure footing with minimizing slip and comes in a variety of weight capacities. 

If you’re in need of both a tow hook and a hitch step, Gen-Y’s Hulk 2.0 tow hook functions both as a tow hook and a hitch step! Every tow hook is manufactured from solid steel, powder coated with a durable epoxy coating for corrosion resistance. This Hulk 2.0 has been proven to be one of the best heavy-duty tow hook and hitch step combos on the market. 

Fifth Wheel & Gooseneck

A commonly asked question amongst those who are looking to tow in the bed of their truck may be whether they need a gooseneck or a fifth wheel. These trailers and adapters are different from each other in how they mount to your truck. Gooseneck options mount to your truck using a ball and coupler, located in the bed of the truck. Fifth-wheel hitches are secured with a kingpin, which slides into the in-bed hitch, engaging a set of jaws that securely locks it in place. In addition, fifth wheels also provide increased stability with a pivoting plate that rests on top of the hitch.  

Advantages and Disadvantages

 Both the gooseneck and fifth wheel help relocate the towing point from below the rear bumper to inside the bed. This repositions weight over the rear axle. In comparison to a traditional ball hitch that would mount to the rear bumper of your truck. Some advantages of a gooseneck are its compact size and simplicity while decreasing trailer sway and increasing control while towing.  

Keep in mind, when towing various types of trailers, there can be advantages and disadvantages. For example, taller trailers can mean more road or wind noise and can be less stable. Taking advantage of upgraded mounting options can help provide a quieter ride, and more control when towing. Keep in mind, your bed space is limited. This can be a factor when selecting the right mounting option for your vehicle. 

Have multiple trailers? Gen-Y Hitch provides their Executive Fifth Wheel to Gooseneck adapters that allow you to convert your trailer quickly and easily. This product functions as a conversion box for fifth-wheel applications to transfer from a fifth-wheel to a gooseneck if your truck is already outfitted with an in-bed hitch ball. Furthermore, Gen-Y adapters come equipped with torsion-flex technology which provides up to a 90% smoother ride and come in a variety of different pin weight ranges, from 18,000 to over 30,000 lbs. of towing capacity. So, if you are running multiple trailers and don’t want the headache of constantly swapping hitches, a Gen-Y Adapter might give you the flexibility you need. 

What Will You Tow?

Find hitches and towing products for your specific application. Featuring towing and hitches with weight capacities ranging from less than 5,000 lbs. to over 30,000 lbs. 

Tow your boat, horse trailer, car trailer, bobcat, excavator, tractor, and more with confidence with the hitches and accessories available at XDP! Drop Hitches and Gooseneck Hitches provide you with what you need to safely and securely mount all kinds of trailers. Hitch Parts & Accessories ensure you have all the odds and ends that you need to service and maintain your hitch. Shop leading brands like Gen-Y at XDP to find the hitches and towing accessories you need. 

Next time you’re ready to hook up and hit the road, trust XDP for the hitches and towing accessories you need!   


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