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BD Diesel at XDP

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BD Diesel has been “Engineering Excellence” since 1972. They are known in the diesel space for their diverse product offerings. This includes transmissions, torque converters, turbochargers, exhaust brakes, and fuel system components such as fuel injectors and CP3 pumps. Recently, Chris from BD Diesel stopped by XDP for some in-house training and to discuss their product line. Among the items he brought were Steering Box Stabilizers, Exhaust Manifolds, and Billet Flex Plates. 

Steering Box Stabilizers

High-mileage vehicles, especially those with large tires, can encounter steering issues due to excessive shaft play in the steering box. The steering box plays a crucial role in facilitating smooth wheel turning and directional control. As it wears out, the increased play can lead to problems like steering wander, frame flex, and, in extreme cases, “death wobble.” Death wobble is a popular term used to describe violent front suspension vibrations that cause the steering wheel to shake. This phenomenon can result in severe suspension and steering damage, accidents, or even being stranded on the side of the road. To help prevent this, a steering box stabilizer can be mounted to the front frame of the vehicle to reduce frame flex and steering wander. 

BD Diesel’s Steering Box Stabilizers effectively address frame flex at the steering box mounting point, enhancing steering responsiveness. Each Steering Box Stabilizer is silver vein powder coated for corrosion resistance. Additionally, they feature a greaseable, high-quality bearing for reliable operation. Each kit includes high strength mounting hardware, and installation is straightforward. BD Diesel provides Steering Box Stabilizers designed for Dodge Ram 2500/3500 applications. 

Exhaust Manifolds

Over time, the constant exposure to heat cycles can lead to wear and potential exhaust manifold issues, such as cracks or leaks. With this in mind, BD Diesel engineered their exhaust manifolds to withstand these extreme temperatures and vibrations. 

BD Diesel’s Exhaust Manifolds offer several standout features that distinguish them from standard OE-style replacements. As Chris points out, “They have a thicker flange, and a high-silicon ductile iron which is a different material. We also provide gaskets which some manufacturers don’t provide the gaskets. We have the bridging in between the cylinders. It’s just a better, stronger manifold all around to prevent warping.” Each exhaust manifold is pre-drilled for pyrometer probes, while the connection joint allows for expansion and contraction. So, if you’re servicing your engine and need to replace your cracked or leaking stock manifolds, look no further than BD Diesel. The BD manifolds featured in this video are for Ford 6.0L Powerstrokes, but a wide range of manifolds are available for your Dodge/Ram Diesel, and Chevrolet/GMC Duramax. 

Billet Flex Plates

The flex plate in your vehicle connects the engine’s crankshaft with the torque converter. This transfers the power from the engine to the transmission. Factory flex plates can fail due to age, high horsepower, and other factors. In addition, per Chris, “people replace them usually for preventative maintenance. Let’s say they’re in there doing a transmission or torque converter install, you’re right there at the flex plate so you might as well upgrade it.” 

BD’s Billet Flex Plates provide an upgrade over the stock flex plate in your vehicle. While specifically designed for modified engines, these flex plates are compatible with any OEM torque converters and most aftermarket options. The flex plate is a great upgrade for any application including daily driving, towing, and racing. Each flex plate is crafted from forged billet steel, boasting twice the thickness of the stock flex plate. They are also black oxide coated to resist corrosion and prevent hydrogen embrittlement which can cause cracking. Aside from their durability, BD’s flex plates are also precision balanced, and are a direct bolt-on for your Ford Super Duty, Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra, or Dodge Ram diesel. 

Thanks to our friend Chris from BD for taking the time to share more information about some of their most popular products. Shop today for all things BD Diesel! Watch the full Q&A videos with Chris on XDP’s YouTube channel for a deeper dive into some of their most popular products. 

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