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Delphi – Now Available At XDP!

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Delphi at XDP

At Delphi Automotive they offer a comprehensive range of products for your diesel needs, including diesel fuel systems, maintenance solutions, engine management, and vehicle electronics. Each part is designed to adhere to factory specifications and is constructed from high-quality materials. They prioritize engineering parts that fit directly into the OE location. 

Tie Rod Ends

Delphi Tie Rod Ends

Delphi Tie Rods and Sleeves all undergo testing to ensure they meet your vehicle’s OE specs. Additionally, they are fatigue-tested to prevent failure. These high-quality components also come with the necessary accessories to make your repair job convenient. The tie rods and sleeves are coated in Delphi’s cataphoretic coating. This process uses electrical current to apply the coating. The environmentally friendly procedure offers increased corrosion protection from salt, dirt, and water 1.

Delphi Ball Joints

Ball Joints

Ball Joints from Delphi are manufactured with high-quality forgings to ensure increased strength and smooth operation. The chloroprene rubber boot enhances durability and prevents premature failure, while the cover protects internal components. It is also machined to micron tolerances, guaranteeing durability and smooth joint operation. Furthermore, each part is treated with anti-corrosion protection. The ball-pin undergoes a 100% crack testing to ensure flaw-free material. It also goes through rigorous performance and resilience tests. The ball-pin has a superior finish, and the nylon seat coating provides smooth movement and a long service life. In addition, each ball joint is made with high specification grease for reduced friction and smooth operation in all temperatures and conditions2

Control Arms

Control Arms

The control arm helps control the motion of the wheels and connects the suspension to the vehicle structure. It is a critical part of the steering and suspension system in any vehicle. These arms allow the wheels to move up and down and prevents forward and rearward movement. It also helps maintain directional input from the driver. When the steering wheel is turned, the wheels will follow suit.

Control Arms are a crucial part of a vehicle’s design and play an integral role in the suspension system. It is essential to opt for control arms that meet OE quality standards, and Delphi is the brand you can rely on. Firstly, their control arms undergo rigorous tests, including 100% crack detection and ultrasonic flaw detection, to ensure they meet OE specifications. Additionally, they are robotically welded to ensure consistent performance and superior quality. Each part is also covered in Delphi’s cataphoretic coating. Moreover, Delphi subjects their control arms to extreme testing conditions, from extreme cold temperatures of below -40°F to scorching temperatures over 248°F, to ensure reliable performance3. 

Delphi Stabilizer Bar Links & Sway Bar End Links

Delphi Stabilizer Bar / Sway Bar End Links

Stabilizer Bar End Links or Sway Bar End Links are important for vehicle stability during turns. The links reduce body roll and absorb shocks from uneven road surfaces. Over time, the sway bar links can wear out and need replacement for safe vehicle handling. Delphi link stabilizers are designed to handle high stresses and feature a corrosion-resistant coating. Furthermore, tensile strength testing is conducted to ensure the strength of the product housing and welds. This testing is also done to match the same conditions as the testing done by the OEM4

Delphi Remanufactured Fuel Injectors

Remanufactured Fuel Injectors

With a focus on quality and service life, Delphi also ensures their Remanufactured Fuel Injectors meet their high standards by testing them using OE methodologies. These injectors are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility. By reducing spray variation and achieving accurate fuel spray patterns, they also contribute to improved cold start capabilities5

Sensors & Electrical


In the event you need to replace an OEM sensor, Delphi offers a wide array of replacement Sensors. These include Air Charge Temperature (ACT) Sensors, Vehicle Speed (VSS) Sensors, Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensors, and Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensors. They additionally include Intake Manifold Air Temperature (IAT) Sensors, Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensors, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Pressure Sensors, and more. Each sensor delivers sensing and actuating solutions for improved emissions control, fuel economy, drivability, and other important functions6

Choose Delphi

When you choose Delphi, you can trust that their products will help you maintain the factory function of your diesel. With a rich legacy spanning decades, their commitment to excellence, quality, and advancement has propelled Delphi to become a global leader in automotive technology. Shop at XDP and get the Delphi components your Dodge Ram, Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra, or Ford F-Series Super Duty needs. 

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