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2018 Diesel Power Challenge

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2018 Diesel Power Challenge

Event Overview

Back for another year, XDP has joined forces with our friends at Diesel Power Magazine to bring you the 2018 Diesel Power Challenge! Unlike any other competition, DPC competitors are chosen by the fans! Readers of Diesel Power Magazine voted in 10 trucks through mail-in ballots. The 2018 line-up includes 3 Rams, 3 Fords, and 4 GM’s.

The Diesel Power Challenge is the ultimate test. Having a consistent and well-rounded truck is a huge part of the recipe for victory in the Diesel Power Challenge. Each competitor must run their truck through several tests and finish at the top of the pack to be crowned the Diesel Power Challenge Champion. Each truck must Dyno, Drag Race, Sled Pull, Trailer Tow Drag Race, complete the Trailer Tow Obstacle Course, and be tested for Fuel Consumption during this multi-day event!

The Diesel Power Challenge is closed course event that will be taking place in the greater Denver Area from June 4th – June 8th. Watch it LIVE as the action unfolds!

Day 1 – Dyno Day at ATS Diesel Performance

A true test of man and machine, the dyno competition pushes the limits of the competitors and their trucks. Each competitor gets a chance to strap down and spin the rollers on ATS’s dyno. The truck producing the highest combined horsepower and torque number wins. With many catastrophic failures over the years, there’s no telling which trucks will make it past day 1. Tune in to the live feed and watch the action as it unfolds.

Day 2 – Track Day at Bandimere Speedway

Track Day at the Diesel Power Challenge is a grueling day containing multiple segments of the Diesel Power Challenge.

Trailer Tow 1/8th Mile Drag

The Trailer Tow Drag Race is also another key component of the Diesel Power Challenge. Each competitor hooks up to the trailer and makes a pass. Handling the additional weight and a good launch without breaking are crucial in making a fast pass.

Drag Racing

Drag Racing Portion gives us a chance to see which truck can make the fastest ¼ mile pass. With consistent carnage on track day, we’ll see who’s fastest, and who doesn’t make it to the Sled Pull the following day.

Trailer Tow Obstacle Course

The Trailer Tow Obstacle Course tests both the patience and finesse of each driver hooking up to a trailer, and going through a tight, technical obstacle course. While this one may not cause all the carnage, patience and skill are required for each driver.

Day 3 – Sled Pull

The Sled Pull is the final event of the Diesel Power Challenge! For the trucks still in the field, this may be their last chance to get the win. Having a well-rounded truck is crucial and some are already at a disadvantage coming in to the final day of competition. Each competitor will get a chance to hook to the sled and give it their all while attempting to pull further than the rest of the pack. After that, the points will be totaled, and a winner will be announced at the awards banquet.

Awards Banquet

The results have been tallied, its time to find out the winner of the 2018 Diesel Power Challenge!