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Air Lift at XDP!

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There are lots of ways to give your truck’s suspension the help it needs when towing. Tony from Air Lift stopped by the XDP R&D Center. He provided more information on the benefits of air bag helper springs and how they can improve your ride quality. The Air Lift 7500XL Helper Springs are larger than other series of springs Air Lift offers. This allows them to handle more weight and hold a greater volume of air while using less air pressure.  

The Load Lifter 7500XL holds up to its name, assisting in leveling loads of up to 7500lbs. As a true helper spring these airbags don’t replace your other suspension components and can be adjusted based on the load you’re hauling. Being able to adjust the air pressure independently in each bag is useful, not just for comfort, but for safety when hauling uneven loads. 

 Having individual control over each bag gives you the ability to keep your truck level, ensuring you don’t end up looking at the sky instead of the road. Air Lift includes roll plates, which provide a unique feature that protects the bellows in the air bag, ensuring a long service life. 

Can you Control the Air Lift Bags from in the Cab?  

Tony also brought along Air Lift’s WirelessOne Compressor system. The system allows you to manage air springs, like the 7500XL series, right from the palm of your hand. This unique system is compatible with any air spring. All are controlled by a wireless handheld controller or intuitive mobile app. Air Lift’s WielessOne even has three memory settings to allow you to quickly air up your air spring when carrying similar loads. 

This system is convenient, to setup and install. The wireless controller and mobile app keep this system truly wireless. Without the need to run wires to the inside of your vehicle/cab of your truck. A unique feature of the mobile app is its ability to connect to multiple systems. If you have more than one truck with a WirelessOne system, you’ll be able to seamlessly pair it with the truck you’re using to tow. 

 The WirelessOne also provides feedback about the system to the app or wireless controller, so you can avoid damage to your system in the event of a leaking line or loss of air pressure. Much like the Air Bag Helper Springs, the WirelessOne system is easy to install. Its compact size allows it to be mounted conveniently to your vehicle no matter what the application!  

So, next time you load up, keep your truck level and in control. Use the Load Lifter 7500XL Helper Springs and WirelessOne Compressor system from AirLift! Shop all the Air Lift helper springs and compressor systems like the WirelessAir, SmartAir II, and LoadController, at!