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Extend Life and Performance in Your Modified 5R110

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The 5R110W TorqShift transmission in your 2003-2010 6.0L/6.4L Powerstroke is very stout from the factory and is more than capable of handling daily driving in your stock truck. However, if any performance upgrades have been made, your transmission could be at risk of early failure. The XDP 5R110 Modified Direct Clutch Solenoid XD306 is the perfect solution that can help extend the life of your transmission!

XDP Direct Clutch Solenoid Install Photo

How the Direct Clutch Solenoid Works

The 5R110 transmission is controlled using solenoids to shift from one gear to the next. When a gear is commanded by the TCM (transmission control module), a solenoid applies fluid to the direct clutch. The stock solenoid is adequate for stock power levels, but in performance applications, this solenoid can be pushed to its limit. When the factory solenoid is pushed beyond its capability, it can create a lack of fluid being provided to the clutch. Furthermore, this can cause clutch slippage and over time lead to premature transmission failure.

One common sign that your direct clutch solenoid is not working properly is lazy or soft-feeling shifts. In addition, other possible symptoms include:

  • Check Engine Light
  • Wrench Light 
  • Limp mode
  • Malfunction to the transmission friction element D application (P2703 code)
  • Shift Solenoid D Performance or Stuck off (P0766 code) 
XDP Modified Direct Clutch Solenoid

The XDP Modified Direct Clutch Solenoid

The XDP 5R110 Modified Direct Clutch Solenoid provides more fluid at a faster rate compared to the stock solenoid. This allows for firmer shifts and creates a greater hydraulic holding force on the clutches, which can reduce clutch slippage from gear to gear in your truck. Reducing the amount of clutch slippage can also help lower the temperature of the transmission fluid. As another benefit, this can lengthen the life of your fluid and lower the risk of transmission failure. This direct clutch is used solely for fifth gear and reverse. Furthermore, to ensure the highest level of quality, each solenoid is built from brand-new parts and tested in-house on a Solx 2000 Solenoid Tester. 


The XD306 is easy to install and can be installed using basic hand tools. Please note the included plastic cap must remain installed on the end of the solenoid or damage can occur to the transmission. Let’s get started…

XD306 Install Step 1

Start by removing the drain plug and draining the fluid from the transmission pan.

XD306 Install Step 2

Next, remove the transmission pan bolts and remove the pan.

XD306 Install Step 3

Take out the transmission filter and solenoid connector from the direct clutch solenoid.

XD306 Install Step 4

Remove the solenoid retainer E-clip.

XD306 Install Step 5

Pull to remove the solenoid.

XD306 Install Step 6

Install the new solenoid at the 6 o’clock position, and then rotate it to the 7 o’clock position. Applying light pressure, gently install the new solenoid.

XD306 Install Step 7

Reinstall the solenoid retainer E clip.

XD306 Install Step 8

Reconnect the solenoid connector and transmission filter.

XD306 Install Step 9

Clean and reinstall the transmission pan and pan gasket.

XD306 Install Step 10

As the last step, torque the transmission pan bolts to 11 ft/lbs. and drain plug to 13 ft/lbs before topping off the system.

XD306 Install Step 11

Finally, make sure to add fluid to the recommended level. Using the dipstick, check the fluid level with the vehicle running at operating temperature and the transmission in the park. Make sure to check the fluid and top off as needed. Obviously, if your transmission fluid is older or has a lot of miles on it and is in general need of replacement, this is a great time to replace the fluid and install a new filter.

Increase the longevity and performance of your 5R110 transmission. Get an XDP XD306 Modified Direct Clutch Solenoid for your transmission today at! Also, make sure to check out our YouTube videos for more tech tips and installation instructions.

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