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XDP Coolant Filtration System XD143 – 2003-2007 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke

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A lot of engine problems in your 6.0L Powerstroke that originate from within the cooling system can be easily avoided. Vehicle cooling systems are a very hostile environment, and some cooling components are susceptible to damage from corrosion and debris. In addition, casting sand and sediment is often left over in the cooling passageways from the engine manufacturing process. This sediment in the cooling system can cause damage to vital engine components, like the EGR and oil cooler. A coolant filtration system is one of the simplest solutions to help trap sediment and debris in the cooling system of your Powerstroke-equipped Ford F-250/350/450/550 Super Duty or Excursion.

XDP Coolant Filtration System XD143

Coolant Filtration System 101

Many of the problems found in a 6.0L Powerstroke stem from the oil cooler clogging over time. Debris and other contaminants can plug or block the oil cooler and cause elevated temperatures. That is why as a preventative measure, installing a coolant filtration system is important to remove or trap debris like casting sand and sediment from circulating in the system. Filtering out these harmful contaminants will allow components like your EGR cooler, and oil cooler to last longer, work more efficiently, and be less prone to failure.

XDP Coolant Filtration System XD143 all components

The XDP Coolant Filtration System

XDP’s Coolant Filtration System XD143 is designed to remove solid particles that can clog and damage the cooling system. Furthermore, this kit does not require any modification to your factory hoses and installs with simple connections. The pre-assembled high-quality silicone hoses make installation easy and provide a clean look without using an excessive amount of hose clamps. The included ball valves help minimize the risk of coolant loss when changing the filter during routine maintenance. The kit is built around an anodized black billet aluminum filter base with an engraved XDP logo, and a Donaldson coolant filter.

Donaldson P554685 filter

Donaldson Filter

This kit uses a Donaldson P554685 coolant filter. Donaldson is a trusted brand when it comes to all filtration needs for oil, coolant, air, and fuel. This filter is a spin-on, non-chemical-based filter that offers high-quality at an affordable price. Providing protection for a wide range of cooling systems it’s a no brainer why XDP equipped the XD143 coolant filtration system with this highly dependable, easy-to-replace filter.


The XD143 kit includes all the mounting hardware needed and can be installed with basic hand tools. The mounting hardware includes the mounting bracket, two bolts and lock washers.

Let’s get started…

First make sure the engine is cool to the touch. Next, locate the radiator drain on the bottom of the radiator on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Use a 19mm wrench to loosen the drain plug and allow coolant to drain into a clean bucket or pan.

XDP Coolant Filtration System XD143 install step 2

Preassemble the XDP filter base to the bracket using the supplied hardware, but do not install the filter just yet.

XDP Coolant Filtration System XD143 install step 3

Next, install the ball valves to the base using thread sealant.

Filter Base

The XDP filter base will be mounted through a stud on the left of the radiator.

XDP Coolant Filtration System XD143 install step 4

Find the plastic battery cable retaining clip that is slid over the 10MM stud. This must be removed prior to mounting the bracket. The mount has a long slender portion which should go between an opening in the plastic intercooler mounting brackets.

Note: If you have an aftermarket intercooler, some modification may be required.

XDP Coolant Filtration System XD143 install step 5

Remove the radiator return line and keep the clamps for later use.

We recommend hanging on to the factory coolant return line, so that in the rare event that the filtration system must be removed, you will need the line to put the truck back to stock specifications.

XDP Coolant Filtration System XD143 install step 6


Install the supplied coolant return hose (3-way hose) to the ball valve in base. This hose will be installed in place of the OE hose we removed earlier. Make sure to use thread sealant on threaded ends of the coolant supply hose and coolant return hose.

XDP Coolant Filtration System XD143 install step 7

This hose will be routed across the fan shroud and installed using factory clamps. Attach the short end to the radiator and the long end to the expansion tank.

XDP Coolant Filtration System XD143 install step 8

Install the coolant supply line to the ball valve in the filter base. Route the hose to your heater supply line located next to the alternator on the passenger side of the vehicle.

XDP Coolant Filtration System XD143 install step 9

Remove the factory clamp and insert tee fitting into the factory hose with the supplied section of ¾ inch silicone hose on the other side of the tee. Slide the ¾ inch silicone hose over the metal tube.

XDP Coolant Filtration System XD143 install step 10

Reinstall the factory clamp on the same hose from which it was removed, and use supplied clamps to fasten the hose to the tee and metal coolant tube. When finished the tee fitting will be in-line and the plumbing is complete.

XDP Coolant Filtration System XD143 install step 11

Lastly, install the supplied coolant filter onto the base, fill the system per Ford specifications and start the truck. Finally, make sure to inspect for any leaks, and top off the coolant as needed.

Recommended Maintenance

It is critical, regardless of whether you are changing the coolant or replacing the filter, to perform regular maintenance on your cooling system. After the initial installation of the coolant filtration system, the filter should be changed after a month of use. In addition, the second and third filters should be changed in 3-month intervals. Afterward, you may change the filter on a yearly basis. It is also important to use the proper coolant recommended by Ford. XDP carries the recommended gold concentrated antifreeze/coolant made by Motorcraft.

Powerstroke under hood

With the XDP Coolant Filtration System, you can help extend the life of your cooling system components. Visit today to shop for the XDP Coolant Filtration System XD143.